Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My cute little button turned three

Its been over a month that my cute little button turned three and we celebrated her birthday. Oh! these little girls...always in a hurry to grow up...
Like the first and the second year her "I like to plan right down to the last detail and I am super obsessed" mother went crazy and had the time of her life throwing her a cute little button party and I just realized it I haven't shared it with you here.

sneak peak of the same. Complete post tomorrow :)

And since we are talking about little buttons let me share with you a link of an article I wrote for Prismma. It talks about how fast these cuties grow up and how I am obsessed with capturing each moment:)

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Sudha said...

oh my goodness..its an year already..i remember u planning the 2nd bday..:)Sweet...happy bday to the little princess. May god bless her with good health and lots of happiness..:*