Thursday, March 15, 2012

My cute little button

What is cute, little and has a nose that is tiny as a button? My cute little button Sara and on the 31st of January'12 she turned three. 
A birthday full of cheerful colours...sunny yellow, happy pinks and our favorite purple. 
A birthday full of hundreds of buttons...some edible and some not. 
I wanted the card to be really simple and 
so started the hunt for a  happy print for the invitation card.
Torn strips of paper and three bright buttons later our handmade invitation card was ready. The last two birthday parties had been celebrated at home but not this time...for the little lady had a pretty long guest list. And so started my search for a dreamy birthday party venue.
Teal wrought iron chairs, fairy lights, white walls to die for...
A place right after my heart 
A French patisserie. Charming.
Do you see that blackboard near the entrance?Lovely touch. I loved the place and what made me happier was that they agreed to let me do up the already oh-so-gorgeouplace, my way. 
 And so I doted all the tables with tiny flowers in tiny tealight holders that I carried from home. Don't be shocked I own at least a hundred of these babies:)
Each tealight vase wore a piece of twine and a button. 
I had vintage English high-tea stands and white wicker baskets in mind for the food and the lovely staff at the Patisserie indulged me. Thank you ladies.
And  then they indulged me some more :)) Crochet lace and beads,anyone?
And then I insisted that they put these handmade button food labels on all the food that we decided to serve :) Oh and a button bunting too. Both were extremely easy to put together and added a nice little touch.
Cute, right?
If you've been a long time reader of this blog, you would remember how on each of her previous birthdays' I wasn't very happy with how the design brief for the cake (Yes, I am types to make a design brief for a cake. Go on...laugh) didn't translate into the cake I wanted for my munchkin. Not this time..nah!
 The enthusiastic and supportive staff at the French Patisserie charmed me completely. Much before the big day they actually sent me samples of the edible  buttons for an "okay" on colours, shapes and sizes ( I had shared the buttons that I had used on the invitation card and a sample of the colour of the card that I wanted as the icing with these guys. Yes, I can be a tough client to please and boy did they please me or what! I could have kissed the staff)
Right down to the edible bunting I requested them to create. Wish we had used some other candles. Ah! Another day.

The kids had a lovely time  playing, running around, eating and creating a whole lot of things...felt name plates for their room, hairbands, wrist bands and much more with... you guessed it right...buttons. And they went back with finger painting kits that made our party favors.
I wrapped each one with my all time favorite plain brown paper.A tiny paper circle (the same print I used for the invitation card) and a button with some twine for some added design interest ( For me; not the kids:))
Oh and I must mention my little one pasted each of these circle
and was very proud too. 
Each year I like creating something along the lines of a guest book for our family and close friends to write in. For her first birthday we had the wishing tree, for her second we had tiny cards hanging from tiny clothespins and this year I made a longish paper scroll studded with buttons,ofcourse. Tied up neatly with a twine after all the wishes had been written. Years later...when the little one will open her birthday box she sure will have fun going through them all.
I am always complaining about how quickly she is growing up and thought it would be interesting to make hand and feet cutouts each year on her birthday (from now on). 
These are yet to find a place. A separate growing up album perhaps??
so loved putting together my cute little button's birthday party. And did one super-happy somersault when she told me she is planning a similar party for me,for "mumma you are my cute little button too"...awww..these girls I tell you :))

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Anpu said...

CUTE AS A BUTTON. What a lovely party...I bet Sara and all her I'll friends had a great time...mommies included....:-)

TheKeyBunch said...

very lovely prachi! lots of inspiration ;)

Epic Fairy said...

I have never seen a person with this much love with buttons!!! :)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Wow, what a beautiful idea and such a gorgeous party. You are a genius.

GB said...

Edible buttons! YUM (in every sense of the word!)

Congrats on the third birthday and the OCD party planning (;))--who am I kidding, we all do it don't we? LOVE everything about the party--thanks for sharing!

Emreen said...

Wow ! Beautiful arrangements... Very inspiring , prachi .. !! Love that cute cake and the edible buttons... !!

crypticrow said...

i guess this is the first time am posting a comment on your blog but have been a regular reader for past year or two :)
couldn't resist commenting on this one and no prizes for guessing why! :D
love love loved the whole arrangement and the thought and planning that went behind this..wonderful! sarah is indeed lucky to have a mum like you! :)
much love n hugs and belated birthday wishes to the button :))

notyet100 said...

So cute luved the themes nd everything,,,

Patricia Torres said...

Happy Birthday to your cute little button!! thats the prettiest party I've ever seen.. You are so super creative.. Prachi!! bless!!

Loved the theme.. loved the decor.. loved the idea.. The cake looks amazing.. and so does the little give aways.. and the cards.. SIMPLY WOW!

thank you for linking into Made with Love..