About purplehomes
I love colors. I adore pretty patterns. My heart skips a beat when I enter a paper store. I so very enjoy putting together parties. I am detail obsessed. The sight and smell of fresh flowers makes me go crazy. Teeny weeny candles make my evenings. I can't stop myself from visiting flea markets. The smell of vanilla makes my day. Gorgeous studio pottery is a big part of my life. I am always, yes! always in the middle of redoing of my home.

And that is what made me start this blog five years back. 

About me
I am a design and food blogger from India and have very recently relocated to Dubai.

An MBA by qualification I said goodbye to my corporate career six years back. Back then, I decided to surround myself with two of my biggest inspirations, food and design. I write about design at purplehomes.blogspot.com and then took it a step further by launching art prints by purplehomes at purplehomes.co.in. The blog is rated as one of the top design blogs back home at India and has been appreciated by media as well.

About my food journey, my favorite place in the world is my kitchen. When not cooking or feeding, I like to pen down my experiences with pots, pans and people on my food blog, Orange Kitchens.

Along the way I got some great opportunities like writing design stories for magazines, studying and pursuing my first love, studio pottery and working as a business consultant with two very enterprising women, founders of Women on Wings. 

Now I divide my time between running artworks by purplehomes, playing food consultant and ofcourse writing for various design & food publications.

I have a very loving and supporting husband and an adorable four year old daughter.

Email me at prachi@purplehomes.co.in

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CloudnClear said...

Sounds like u are a woman after my heart! I feel the same squisshy feelings when i see bamboo chicks, colourful cushions,silk-voil breezy curtains,a bowl full of orange summer flowers,a comfy couch upholstered in deep purple soft chenille,a musk smelling soap,some candy coloured throws,a soft rug to spread myself out on,a window seat with palm trees to gaze out at!!!! I am in Design Heaven! Yr Blogs and Web Pages look very interesting. I wish u all the best in future. Stay colourful/cheeerful and creative.
Best wishes.

Unknown said...

Priya : Oh my god! What you have written is so-so-so beautiful! And so very true! Glad you liked the blog...keep visiting. And thanks a ton for all those nice words & wishes. Wish you all the luck too!

Arti said...

The way you have described your enthusiasm regarding certain things is really great, yet simple.......even I feel the same way whenever I'm in some home furnishing store and especially at the sights of handicrafts......my hubby says nothing can match the joy on my face I get while shopping :)

really like your blog and keep sharing all the good work


Unknown said...

Arti: Welcome to purplehomes! Isn't it beautiful how the simplest of handmade things make us happy...more than anything can! Glad you liked what you saw on the blog...hope to see you her often!

Arti said...

Priya: Thanks for such a warm welcome:)

Sudha said...

Hey Prachi you are def a women on a mission...loved that you are doing what you love :)9

Unknown said...

Sudha: Good to see you here! thanks for those lovely encouraging words!

Anonymous said...

Hello Prachi
Its such a delightful experience to read your blog and knowing you. Though right now I am in IT career, even I have the same aspirations of doing management and will then follow my heart and instincts and keen fondness of Interior Decoration. We the women have the power to make the world of another person as beautiful as our thoughts and creativity. Thanks to your interest of Blogging through which I am knowing such a beautiful lady with beautiful thoughts and creativity and works. And another best part is am a Sagittarian and Purple is my lucky as well as one of my favorite colour. Lots of love n best wishes to your Blogging and creativity and to You of course.

roseredrose said...

Hello Prachi!
Glad I found your blog...love your collection of pictures and how you've put it all together...
Just gotten married and moved homes...quit job...and now just exploring things I never had time for in full time designer's job!
And you are great inspiration here...

Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story said...

Came to your blog from the Prismma article on kids rooms. When reading the article it kinda felt like as if you've read my mind. I have used almost all those ideas in my daughter's room.

Great minds think alike! :) Loving your blog.

Shru said...

wow prachi u r very talented creative person... love ur posts and ur profile pic.... they r so cheerful, creative n of all the things i say.... ur blog description is awesome... i have no words to describe it but i love the way u expressed it...too good...felt like as though u expressed my feeling toward home...lots of love n wishes to you n ur blog... happy creating stuff....
from an inspired soul....who has started blogging newly n wish to learn from u all... Shru (http://meraprithvi.blogspot.sg/)

Unknown said...

Thank you all for your kind words :)

Nusrat said...

Prachi Nothing much but I really love the way to write. Keep going and inspiring.

shaiphali said...

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