With my two little paws

Do you like handcrafting stuff? I absolutely LURVE it. According to me nothing can match up to the happiness  that one feels upon seeing the results of one's labor! And only a person who spends hours creating little somethings can truly appreciate the value of handcrafted goodies. I do! Yes I do! So do share your DIY projects and inspire me and all the lovely readers of purplehomes. 
Drop me a mail at prachi@purplehomes.co.in 

Don't forget to click on the DIY label for some more projects and tips.Till then enjoy some of my DIY projects...
Lanterns made out of handmade paper
A handmade coaster
A bowl I had thrown on the wheel
Birth poster I made for my daughter

Images : Personal Collection

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Shru said...

what a beautiful collection of Diy stuff u have specially the coaster...