Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Sara!

Really? I mean are you sure? It’s already nine days since my lil girl turned ONE! And I will have to wait for ONE whole year to plan her 2nd birthday party :) Alright, I will wait patiently.

Today I am sharing with you some snippets from Sara’s 1st birthday! Ever since she came into my life, I have been baking a cake for her every 31st or 30th (28th in Feb :)) as the case may be to celebrate her monthly milestones. So you can imagine my excitement for her Big Day :)

Of course she had a very, very Pink birthday. I put my heart into planning this one and Sara and all of us had a great time! I hope you have a great time going through this very detailed post as well.

The party had to be at home (where she is most comfortable), between 4-6pm, (when she is active and fresh after her nap) and the guest list had to be small (I didn't want to intimidate her with 100 new faces). So she was surrounded by family and close friends and was a very happy birthday girl.

For my baby girl there had to be PINK, there had to be BLING and there had to be lots of DOTS! So I used lots of shades of pink paper, lots of shimmery sequins and beads and circles everywhere.

The Invite

For this I used my favorite font Mistral for the “1” on the card. And filled it up with several pink dots punched out of handmade paper and circular pink sequins. It was laborious but worth the final product.

The inside of the card also had two circles carrying the birthday verse and other details.

A polka dotted ribbon bow and pink beads completed it.

The Thank you Card

We sent these out after the party. It was a simple card carrying only two words “Thank You” which were painted by hand and once again a ribbon and beads tied it up all together.

The Big One

This was for the main door. I loved the texture of the wrinkly paper and the baby pink color. I used the same font Mistral and cut it out by hand. Then punched several holes all along the border.

Polka dot ribbon through those holes, lots of sequins and circular tags later it was on our front door.

Other Décor elements

For one of our walls I wanted to do one big piece that looked girly and arty at the same time. So I cut out several circles of different sizes. On some were glued sequins, on some beads, some had ribbons. And the wall décor was ready.

And there was a wishing tree.

This was made with an empty biscuit tin and some branches that I picked up from the street. The branches were painted silver and the tin was done up once again with layers of paper and few sequins.

Lots of handmade circular wishing cards and everyone was ready to wish the birthday girl years of good health and naughty times ahead.

A pink mobile

For this I followed the tutorial here, and made a pink mobile. The paper ornaments for the mobile were in different sizes and colors and Sara had fun playing with them ( As you can see from the pic;)). Finally tied it up with twine to an old silver circular frame I had.

Flowers & Balloons

Of course the home had to be filled up with pink flowers. For this a number of ice buckets with polka dotted ribbon tied around them dressed up as vases. I also used lots of baby food jars for baby breath as well.

And there were loads and loads of baby pink balloons and pink polka dot balloons as well.

Table Decor

Food placards and flowers made it all look pink. For the placards, I cut out several circles and wrote out the name of the dishes in silver. A bow in front and a bamboo stick behind and they were ready to be put inside the baby food bottles.

There was the polka dot pink cake and chicken and mushroom-onion quiche that I ordered. We had Alpenliebe strawberry candy (Yes, only because it’s pink and white). I made the rest at home, a chocolate trifle pudding, cocktail sticks, corn salad, chicken ham sandwiches, cabbage & carrot sandwiches, chicken nuggets, corn nuggets and cheese balls.

The food was placed on a combination of bowls, inverted platters and some on inverted cake tins (that I painted in two shades of pink) to give the table a certain dimension. More on these inverted cake tins tomorrow.

Party Favors

These were homemade chocolates (Strawberry, Mixed nuts & Butterscotch ) To pack them pretty, two large squares were cut and I tore them up slightly for the border and sewed the chocolates in them. Here’s how the final packing looked like.

Phew, a long post! I had a beautiful time making everything from scratch with my paws for the apple of my eye and I really, really wish her all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday Sara!

Images : Personal Album


Pooja said...

Oh my GOD! I seriously do not have words for this.

It’s like the best decor I have ever seen. Seriously have you ever seen something like this before? Has anyone seen something like this before? I wish I was your baby… ha ha

I have been saying wow right from the start and it never ends. It's like this is good and then comes the next one... this is good too... and then comes the other and I am like wow... this is amazing.

They are all perfect.. no I guess better than perfect.

Prachi I love you. I bow down to your creativity. You are the guru... you are the best. THE BEST.

Pooja said...
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Pooja said...

I just want to keep writing about this... I can't stop watching it. I just Loved it! Loved it! Loved! it.

How the hell you think like this? Where did you get these ideas from?

I have never seen something so pretty. Wishing tree...how cute is that... the cake... Perfect! The chocolate wrapping... wow. I think there should be a better word then wow. It should be Prachiful... now whenever I will see something pretty as in pretty at this level I will call it Prachiful. Yes this is what any beautiful thing will be called in future.

Patricia Torres said...

oh wow.. Prachi.. so lovely!! This is super impressive!! Love the invite.. it sooooooooooooo cute.. The cake is pretty!! Love all your dekor...

Its my daughters 3rd bday... Will you help me as well??? *winks*

Love the wishing tree.. its impressive!! Brilliant ideas.. Well done!! And happy bday.. Sara!!

The Double Inverted Commas said...

Great! Lucky kid she is, such a great mom she has :)
I loveeeeeee pink!!!

kiran said...

super awesoeme pidly !!! like pooja said above, wish i was ur daughter !!!
sara will be proud of her mom when she looks back at her 1st bday :-)


Parul said...

Absolutely brilliant! What a mix of creativity and hard work and just plain awesomeness. Most impressed. You need to go pro, my girl, there is no doubt about that.

Happy birthday, Sara!

kanwalpreet said...

hey prachi ...very happy bday to sara !! and this is truely AMAZING .......superb .......dnt have words to really describe !! :)
you rock "pink" mommy

love rippy

Aneela Z said...

considering Im learning from the best...this is what your blog taught me to do for arhaan's.
happy birthday sara!!!

Haddock said...

What a great spread on the table.
Like that idea of the pink dots in 1

anonymous said...

If you still have any doubts about going professional, puhleezeee throw them out of the window! This post is our 'pink-proud' moment...I oh-so-love each bit of it...from the sequins to the ribbons...from the invite to the favors...from the detailing to the final 'pink'astic...err...fantastic result!!!!You know when is my birthday, right?

Varsha said...

I was actually there everyone!!!!
Most fascinating and awesomely pink.

treat for all the guests too. Thanks Sara for turning 1 :)

purplehomes said...

Pooja : You are too nice...thanks for being there through it all ;)

Patricia : Thanks...good to hear the super momma liked it...waiting for your daughter's 3rd bday pics :)

TDIC : Thanks...me too! me too! pink lover

Kiran : So good to hear from you, and on public forums how dare you call me names ;)

Parul : a compliment from you means a lot...u know that rite ;)

KP : Great to see you here, thanks.

Aneela : Hey,lots of good wishes for Arhaan. I checked out the post...super impressive..thanks for the good words.

Haddock : Welcome to purplehomes. Glad you liked the post. Looking forward to seeing you here often

Anonymous : Yup i know when your bday is...how bout a lbd theme ;)

Varsha : This is the cutest and funniest comment...i will definitely thank Sara from your side ;) crazy woman

The Print Lover said...

W.O.W! Everything looks elegant and pretty.

Great job! Happy Bday Sara!

Divs said...

Wow - just breathtakingly beautiful!!! I am into scrapbooking, cardmaking and all sorts of stuff...but never seen anything this beautiful! And to do it all yourself with a baby hanging around you - how do you manage that!!!??? I am sure you are a professional and if you're not you really need to be. BTW my first time here - came over from Parul's blog.

roop said...

Wow!! i am Awestruck!!!! Amazing stuff. I am sure Sara will appreciate this when she grows up. Like Parul said, you need to go pro!!! Creatively challenged people like me would need all your help!! :))

Happy birthday, sara. :)

Vid said...

Hi there,
This is simply the most beautiful and creative party planning that I have seen! Amazing...My first time over to your blog! I am usually a lurker but for this I had to comment! Happy 1st Bday Sara! Cant wait for second Bday :)

Suneeta Revo said...

Hi Prachi
I just stumbled across your blog and I think it is super.. I am completely hooked. I just loved the way you put together stuff for your daughter's bday simple yet so beautiful. Now am busy going through your earlier posts. Keep up the good work.


Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Prachi....you seriously deserve serious recognition for all this. It looks like a lot of hard work, but it looks like you enjoyed every bit of it, and the love shows through even from the pics ;)

Awesome. I have a lot more adjectives to add, but right now I just want to go back and read your post again:) Loved the torn paper with buttons and ribbons sewn on top..super idea!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

OH MY,u deserve special mention,you have done up a lot on the decor and serious work,congrats girl,way to go..happy bday sara dear

purplehomes said...

The Print Lover : Thanks for all the lovely words n of course the wishes..Sara says thanks

Divs : Wow! please please share your projects with me..i would love to share it everyone! Welcome to purplehomes..keep coming back.

Roop : Welcome here! Always ready to help! Give me a shout

Vid: purplehomes says hi! Me too..can't wait to plan her 2nd bday ;)

Suneeta : Thanks a ton for such an awesome comment! I am so glad you are enjoying it!

Sharon : Oh yes, i had so much fun doing it for her! So happy to know you liked the stuff

Lakshmi : Thanks! Had a great time putting it all together

SMM said...

Helooo I came over from Parul's blog and Wow I am so impressed...you really need to start party planning for kids. That's a huge market you know :)

And whenever I have a child (and if its a girl) I am going to get very "inspired" by your ideas :P

purplehomes said...

SMM : Welcome! Happy to hear that you liked what you saw here ;) Don't you worry, even if you have a baby boy we will do up an inspiration board especially for your little brat ;) In the meanwhile i hope you have a great time here!

i-me-myself said...

Awesome really!!

purplehomes said...

IMM: welcome here! thanks :)

Swaram said...

Thatz so beautiful! U r so creative!
Belated wishes to Sara :)

purplehomes said...

Swaram : Sara n her mommy say thank u :)

Vini aka Pooh said...

Love it! What is a girl's party without pink and bling! Very creative

Dropping in from Shruti's blog

purplehomes said...

Vini : Thanks for dropping in! So true..pink & bling till the lil one starts to make up her mind :)