Monday, February 7, 2011

My little butterfly turns two

It was a pleasant morning. The warm sun & the slight breeze not only put the flowers & greens in a good mood but all of us as well. It was Sara’s birthday lunch.

Your love for flowers & butterflies & the color purple had to be a part of your BIG day, sweets. 

Sometimes I wonder you are only two (and we celebrated your First Birthday just yesterday) and have such strong likes & dislikes and more importantly where did the last two years vanish. And I wonder how far you have come? You can’t really be two, right? I mean you are still so petite, so little, so tiny.

My Little butterfly.

Pretty colors, baby wings to fly
It's the 2nd birthday of our little butterfly
We've shrunk the party
The cake has got tinier
The decor has gone teeny
Take a bite of the tiny treats
And tell us if they are as sweet as she!

So please join us in revisiting Sunday, 6th Feb’11.

Invitation Card

I started with a tiny card. It measured 3 Inches by 3 Inches..

Three handmade paper rosettes & three butterflies later, we were good. The flowers were 1 cm in diameter and the butterflies were well...lets just say minuscule.

See...thats how tiny the card was! And the text was well...microscopic.


A tiny birthday needs tiny flowers. Tons of tiny flowers all over the house. We filled up the house with gypsy baby breath. And whats a little girl's birthday without some bling. So I added hints of matt silver to the purple/lilac & white palette.

Two matt silver "lota" type planters full of baby's breath. Yes, thats a chai stand you see there. Pretty, ain't it? I love the antique silver finish and the curves it has. With some flowers inside it, it looked fresh & lovely. 

A little girl always needs many many wishes & blessings. So I painted an old smallish frame I had in purple & brushed it will some silver powder. Added some white thread to make a clothesline. 

A big wishing tag in the front for mommy & daddy and do you see those little ones with two white butterflies & that white flower...that one is for friends & family. I HAD to add a little pink..oh come understand my sentiments, don't you? So several mini clips were painted a pastel pink. We used these to clip the tags on the photo frame clothesline.  And wrote out wishes with a silver pen.

A closer view of the clips & the tags. 
 I used some purple paper twine underneath to tie the whole arrangement. Like it?

See those tiny butterflies on the frame. 
I must have made hundreds of these. They were present everywhere :)

Can you see the lilliputian bunting adorning the "chai" stand?  
It was quite a challenge making the petite roses :) and putting this one together.

Oh how I love everything more when its baby sized :)

And thats how it looked after lots of good wishes were clipped on it.

Since I was on a rose making spree. I decided to make some more. Yes one like this.

But why have one when you can have a wall-full of them :)

So I made several strings of flowers for the wall. 70 flowers! Yes you heard me right. It meant sitting in front of the heater after putting Sara to sleep. And surrounded by reams & reams of paper, scissors & tape. They were just one inch big...or should I say small :)

Sara was all excited. "Prachi Mom help-help" she would say and then hand me each flower with her tiny hands so that I could string them.

And then she helped her dad by "gibing him" balloons to blow. We filled up the house with  several lilac & white balloons and she was ecstatic. 

We served food inside but the seating arrangement was done in the slightly biggish balcony we have. To give the guests a little privacy from the adjacent balcony I used store bought purple plain ribbon and wrapped it from one end of the wall to the other and added more balloons. It was a simple & chic way to create a separate space.

Lets go back inside now. I used eight tiny square vases. Measured only 3 inches by 3 inches. Alternate vases had a little lilac colored water inside them. It looked cute.

The flowers look so happy.

These ones are saying "Us too! Us too!"

A little cake for a little girl.


Minicake with butterflies.

Yummy. The cake was the only thing I ordered (And lets just say I wasn't very happy when it came, more about this year's cake fiasco in a separate post. Why does it always happen it me? Remember? So from them next year I will just make one on my I am not mad) 

But the birthday girl was happy and the guests didn't know what had gone wrong with the design. So who am I to complain :)  There was a big one for the guests.( Hers was 3 Inches tall)

We enjoyed it on tiny ceramic plates.

Psst...thats my huge iced tea dispenser in the background,perhaps the only thing that was large :))

The food had to be tiny & bite sized too.

So I made Teeny Tiny bites (canap├ęs), Butterfly pasta with tomato meat sauce, Baby Pizzas (Cocktail pizzas), Teeny salad on a stick (Mozzarella with cherry tomatoes & basil), Little potato scoops (mashed potatoes) and Grilled baby veggies (I used babycorn, cherry tomatoes, baby onions & baby carrots for be true to the theme)

For dessert we had Petite Blueberry Pots (Blueberry cheesecakes in tiny glasses). I am afraid I don't have many pictures of the food. It was over soon :) But sharing what I have.

Baby Pizzas. And I made tent cards that were used as food tags. 

The mashed potatoes had butterflies on it.  
And thats the teeny salad on a stick and the butterfly pasta.

Party Favors

The children got Bug & Butterfly pencils hidden amidst Baby's Breath. 
With Butterfly Thank You tags on them.

I had so much fun putting it all together for my little girl. I am afraid she won't be so little next year. 

After the guests left I asked Sara  if we should start planning for her 3rd birthday :) You don't want to know the me!

Images : Personal Album 

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TinTin said...

this is lovely !!

Anonymous said...

Yuur post is so lovely. I could totally relate to this joy coz' my daughter also loves butterflies, her roon is full of stuff on flowers and butterflies..

Shanthi said...

Speechless!!!! Love you Prachi MOM and what a great party. Everything exudes love for the darling. The purple and white all around is so soooo awesome.. The card, the flowers, the pots and vases, rosettes,the clothes line the list of pretty things seems endless. Yummm!!! is the cake and the delish spread of things. Way to go Prachi. Lots of love and hugs to Sara.

Sharon said...

ooh - what a party!! u did a great job!! happy bday to little Sara!:)

tinu said...

awesome...loved every detail....those flowers aren't baby's are lot smaller n fragile...

Anu Gummaraju said...

First, happy birthday to the doll! Second, you blew me away with all those gorgeous things you put together! SO talented, it kept me wanting to see more pics :). LOVE the cards, the cake is angelic and everything looks fab! I am so inspired to make a lovely cake this weekend for a surprise party! Thank you!

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Lovely post Prachi..loved those cute cards and cake..fav!
A very happy B'day to your little
one :)

Unknown said...

Ohhh I'm a big fan of ur party settings.. :) lovely lovely decor. happy birthday to sara. Lots of love.

PreeOccupied said...

Painstakingly done. I am sure your little girl will cherish this all her life.

smriti said...

Prachi this is simply awesome... I can only imagine the immense effort that has gone into making Sara's bday special... and well.. i hve missed another one of ur "perfect Prachi's parties" :) love

Deboshree said...

Oh my this is super! So adorable and so, so cute. Your little kiddo must have felt delighted. :)

My Dream Canvas said...

woweeee!!! I am speechless.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Dear Prachi
You have set the bar for kiddie birthdays sooooooooo high! Its gonna be really tough for other moms to follow this level of creativity/ work and DIY for birthdays! Sara is sure one lucky kid! She probably has the most well though out parties in the city :-)
BTW quick question: How did you make the blueberry cheesecakes?
Love and hugs and blessings to the big "little sara"

Kanika R said...

I love the lilac...everywhere - from the invite to the cake!! Its beautiful.

Sound Horn Please said...

Belated Happy B'day to Sarah!! May she have a wonderful year ahead. And great party decor P!

Unknown said...

Beautiful party decor!!! just loved the liliac and purple theme...I bet Sara and her friends had a great party!

Parul said...

outstanding stuff!

Sudha said...

will you be my mom..:)...a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!

Simran said...

Awwww!! This is so beautiful!! LOVED it. After looking at all the pics I wish I had a baby girl too :) Happy Birthday to Sara.

Shalmalee.... said...

Sara is so so lucky...She has an outstanding artist as her Mommy! Not a bunch of kids are as lucky as she is Prachi. You are the most creative soul i have ever known/read :)

And i cannot point if this is good and that is best because you have like a million things in that post and i absolutely love them ALL :)

Pooja said...

Prachi... you are the Best! I am not trying to compare you with someone but I would like people who are not from India to know that we hardly have any party shop in India. Prachi did all this by herself with whatever little is available in India and I believe she did a perfect job. I am proud of you! I wish I was your daughter. Ooo... I am so loving it :)

Iniyaal said...

Beautiful! This is sooo lovely. Love all the details and the pain stakingly done party decor. Must have taken hours and hours to put all this together. I am sure your little daughter will cherish these memories for years to come.