Friday, May 27, 2011

Learnings from a kitchen tour

I am not the biggest fan when it comes to using too many bright colors in any part of the house and especially when it comes to my kitchen. I like to use the china and some artwork to get in that healthy dose of color in my most favorite part of the home. Having said that when I came across this colorful happy kitchen, my heart missed a beat. And I just had to share it with you.

I may still not use so much color in my kitchen ( not even in a playroom) but I think there are several lessons to be learnt and lots of tips to take from this. Let me walk you through this one. Be warned: picture heavy post. 

So here's what I learnt.

Aqua painted cabinets. These were salvaged cabinets that didn't match and were painted for a cohesive look. Lesson to be learnt : A coat of paint (white if you like) can do wonders for mismatched furniture.

Lesson to be learnt : Allocate every appliance its own space. For the ones that you use frequently and don't have counter space hide them behind a pretty fabric runner or drape. Easy to take out and you don't have to worry about it being not dry enough to be put inside the cupboard. This one lets them breathe.

Lesson to be learnt : Let your food talk. Use pretty transparent canisters to bring in color in a neutral kitchen. Use your collection of cookie cutters/teacups/spoons anything you like to "collect" as decor. Hide the boring bottles in pretty storage boxes/ baskets if you have open shelving.

Lesson to be learnt : Even if you don't like to cook or bake and find the kitchen a boring place to be, this one will make you feel like doing that extra to make it a fun place. Its the cutest. 
Old scrabble tiles = Appliance label = fun kitchen = me dying due to overdose of cuteness quotient. 
I am so doing this in my kitchen. I already have a fun chalkboard where we write the weirdest of food quotes, a big bell which I like to ring when dinner is ready, a pan wall clock that I made myself, a miniature kettle and loads of interesting spatulas hanging on the walls. See, what I mean. Make it interesting. 

This is how the whole place comes together. Interesting. You don't have to go this color crazy. But like I said take what you think will work for you and leave the rest. 

Lesson to be learnt : If you do have the space to get an island in the kitchen make sure you use the bottom for storage. Every bit. I like the tiny drawers. Perfect for cutlery.

And to store those napkins ( Don't miss out that vintage trunk..wink)

And your cookbooks. Though I like mine in my bedroom. One, I have far too many to fit in the kitchen. Two, I like to sit on my bed and browse through all of them every once in a while. Yes, go ahead and label me. Call me that crazy blogger.

The organized obsessive me is also liking this idea of putting together party essentials like dining linen, candles, perhaps a candle stand or two for that impromptu dinner date with DH. And while we are still talking of making the place more organized. See the next ones. Trust me, my organized crazy readers...I know I have several :) You will love these pics.

Every seen a spice drawer so beautiful!Oh that label & yarn. 
Lesson to be learnt : Even spices can look gorgeous.

Lesson to be learnt : Hanging jars to keep your counter clutter free

A backsplash. I think I must for every Indian kitchen. Spices & curries.

Melamine plates get a fabric makeover. Lesson to be learnt : Art needn't be expensive. Art can be easily made at home. Using plates, forks, related items makes it much more fun.

And finally the breakfast nook. This is when I stop talking and let the pictures do it for me. Sigh!

Love the mish mash of patterns

So did you enjoy walking through this kitchen? Are you a such a big color lover or is it giving you a headache? Or like me you are busy picking out what you can incorporate into yours?

All images : bhg


GB said...

Wow, that's a hyper-organized (and colorful) kitchen. Love the storage solutions!

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

This is such a lovely kitchen! My favorite is the hanging jar...the transparent canisters filled with all kinds of things is also so cute.

PG said...

Lovely lovely post... so many cool ideas... specially love the hanging jars concept.
Cookbooks in bedroom... i do it too..:)

Shanthi said...

Cool look with cool colors and all that storage space.

Emreen said...

WoW ! I looked at the pictures again and again and I just can't believe how one could coordinate so many colors so well... Love the breakfast area.. the wall art ... and the last picture is definitely a stealer.. Love the idea of fabric covered plates and the spice jar storage... !!

Patricia Torres said...

*sigh* what stunning images!! wow! wow!! I'm not sure I can ever have such a super organised kitchen.. I'm not even a huge colour in the kitchen fan.. :)

Sound Horn Please said...

LOVED this post! I noted down quite a few of the ideas.. love that storage solution below the island and those scrabble tiles storing :)

Pooja said...

This looks amazing. Wow... I loved it