Friday, May 27, 2011

May Fetish!!

Back with the some more vintage suitcase love

I got an email where one of you lovelies said much as I like vintage suitcases but I think it wouldn't look good in my home. I think  she has a point. I think what she is trying to say is that they look good only in "staged/ stylized" rooms and in glossy prints. What may look "vintage" in a picture or a magazine may look like an "old" suitcase at home. Having said that if you still want to use these babies at home as decor accessories once in a while, come on with me...

How about using them for a party at home? Trust me it will get all your friends salivating!

I am totally in love with this arrangement. Fresh flowers, crates, pails & bottles for vases and our love the suitcase. So easy to put together and one could leave the party favors or the guest book in it. 

Not the party types? Get a picture of you & your partner clicked like this for a memorable save the date card. I can totally see this idea being used for a personalized new year card with my little one sitting in between us. Cute...aww! 

Do you have a drool-worthy piece like this? Totally unfit for your home but so fit for your outdoors. Trust me the flowers in the bush will love you for leaving this by their side. That umbrella is such a sweet touch.

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