Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello there March!!

Its the fourth day of the third month already! How are you doing today?

I foresee a very interesting month ahead. A month full of satisfying creative work, new challenges, a colorful festival,lots of personal projects and many new things on the blog. A month where 31 days seem a little too less and where I see myself hopping from one mindspace to another. Just like this game.

So watch out for the regular posts about my color crush, fetishes, rooms I heart and musings. Remember Design talks where we met so many talented design bloggers last year...we have someone for you this month too. A DIY post every month from my home ( not just the net) to get your creative juices flowing and since you know baking & cooking is my big love and when combined with style & design I get all giddy with excitement so watch out for a new column on food styling tips. I hope to see all of you participate in that.

And if thats not enough I am going to be extra nice to some of you lovely people who have written in with your queries on doing up rooms and design tips. So a new column just for your lovely readers. This month I will put together a special post for two purplehomes readers. S' warm & airy sunroom & K's query on minipots. So login and shoot me mails if you'd like any help with anything that is pretty :)

And lots more. Jam packed month here at purplehomes..ah! What can i say?

Oh before I say bye bye, don't forget to participate in the CSN giveaway if you want that 60 dollar certificate for some retail therapy :))

Which reminds me...some of you have suggested really good ideas for new columns. My favorite ones till now are the bit about starting something on organizing stuff around the house...we are talking pretty not boring :) And asking creative people to share snippets of their creative spaces. Would you like it if I were to include this on the blog? Do share you views.

OK, now I need to stop blabbering and should get back to work. 

Till tomorrow.


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F.A.I.T.H said...

Hey lurk'd around your posts after a while and I am so proud of you for doing what you are ...keep it up, I know u love it , and it shows ......This is where u belong

Pat , Pat on your back .... Well done ...

Here I am de-lurk'ing

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

Very Nice Post...! My wishes.

Patricia Torres said...

I'm waiting to see all your lovely projects... Its March already.. I cant believe.. it.. I'm going to have a horrid month at work.. :-)