Monday, March 7, 2011

Name it for Shanthi

Blogging has introduced me to some very lovely talented people and one of them is Shanthi. Those not new to the decor-blog world must have definitely read her wonderful guest posts on other decor blogs. But now the time has come for the lady to start her own. Join me in wishing her lots of luck and lots of interesting posts. 

But before she starts writing for all of us there is a task for us :) We need to help her name her blog.  And to make your task super easy Shanthi has sent me a little brief about her & the kind of blog she has in mind.


Who am I  - Shanthi  - a simple Indian girl that went to the North pole (Norway) 20 years ago.
What I love – Décor, travel, photography , Beautiful , Exotic, Vintage, Ethnic, Modern, Stylish and the list goes on ….
What is this all about - Have been nurturing for a while now, to have my own place to share the beautiful things and treats in life that catches my eye and touches my heart and gives me a colorful break from the daily grind :-).

I admire anything and everything that is chic and charming J.  EUREKA!!!! – accidentally discovering you all in the décor world -  gave me a sudden glimpse into the girl next door that gave me the sense of  belonging.  Come join me in this journey and help me to NAME this colorful adventure to satiate my love for all things beautiful - to be launched soon. 

Who can - The Blog naming contest “NAME IT” is open for all from all over the world

When  - last date for entry is 10th March 2011

How  - Can post them as comments under this post and can also send an email to

Reward – The winner will be duly rewarded with an ethnic Indian décor piece that you will want to treasure :)

So what names do you have in mind? And while we are discussing names....I came across this image. What do you think of it??

Ahem....time for a  reminder, don't forget to participate in the CSN giveaway if you want that 60 dollar certificate for some retail therapy :))

Image : here


Patricia Torres said...

Here are my suggestions...

*from my heart to yours*

*from my home*

*Shanthis magic*

*Shanthis world*

shaen nath said...

Om Shanthi


Amit said...

I know I'm late... but what the heck.. all for a good cause -

1. Beauty & Peace (Shanthi)

2. The Colorful World of Shanthi

3. Corner Colors!