Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Color Crush : Lilac

Its three degrees here and the chilly winds are going crazy.I want to spend my day & night curled up inside the quilt and only taking my fingers out to click on & scroll down my favorite design blogs :) 

And ofcourse to look at some pretty lilac pictures. Yes, Lilac is my first color crush of the year.  You will know why Lilac is the chosen one very soon :) 

Till then enjoy.

Yarn. Lots of Yarn. Lots of yarn in lilac.
A distressed table with a jar full of flowers, anyone?

Gorgeous flowers & cupcakes for me please. Yes, six will do just fine :)

Won't this be so perfect in a little girl's room. 
To stack toys, books & knick knacks or to just to play "house-house"

I am so lurving this bedroom. Such a lovely paisley pattern on the duvet. 
And that chandelier adds just the right amount of glam quotient.

Image : 1,2,3,4 ,5 & 6


Purvi said...

loved the cup cakes and the paisley pattern in the duvet

Sound Horn Please said...

I have a bedspread that looks EXACTLY like the purple paisley duvet in the last pic.

Patricia Torres said...

Oh what a gorgeous colour.. Love those cupcakes!!

Aneela Z said...

If our resident Martha Stewart amongst all she does (and the toilet training!) has managed to procreate (some more) and knit lilac booties I am going to scream!
Auntyji "your uterus is our business" Aneela

purplehomes said...

Aneela : STOP!!! Take those words back...I think I done with the baby is good enough. Amongst other things that are common in our life...dhaka, madame P, blogging, mutual admiration club forgot one..two lil brats' who share their bdays :) I was referring to that. Relieved? :)

Aneela Z said...

Relieved that no one else is having sex? Oh very!!!

Rekha said...

Lovely pics Prachi, loved the color!