Monday, January 10, 2011

Off to bed

Its REALLY cold here...I am talking about 3 degrees Celsius accompanied by REALLY chilly wind. And let me remind you that we don't have central heating here in India, like they do in the west. So its the good old convector which with a to-be-soon 2 year old is not a thing that you can switch on and forget. She will NOT stay in one room and wants to study how the convector works by touching it when its on! 

The good thing about this weather however has been that all schools are going to be shut till the 16th which means I have some more time to prepare myself before she joins playschool (yes, you read it right prepare myself not her). Or may be I can join playschool too and be with her till college? Ya, I think I will do that :) 

Now if you will please excuse me I will go back to my PILLOW for its cold & I need to sob because my little girl needs to go to playschool. 

How do you like your pillows arranged? I came across this here and well it seems how you toss your pillows says a lot about you. Pick yours please...

"1. If Your Pillows Are Asymmetrical

Are your pillows tossed about in any which way? Do you arrange your pillows without a particular order? Your unfussy style says that you are a relaxed, bohemian type who's easygoing and open to new experiences.
2.If Your Pillows Are Balanced, but Have a Single Accent
Do you prop pillows the classical way, but throw the symmetry off with one extra bolster? Do you prefer when something doesn't look too perfect? If so, your style is traditional with a twist. You're never too prim and proper — but you aren't given to the latest trends either
3.If Your Pillows Are Precisely Stacked
Are your pillows tiered, trim, and level? Does clutter on the nightstands (or anywhere) drive you crazy? This systematic, monastic tower of pillows indicates you have a modernist style. If someone saw your bed, they would probably guess that you're artistic, creative, and intellectua

4.If Your Pillows Are Delicate and Decorative
Are your pillows an exuberant array of Euro-square, cases, shams, boudoirs, and neck rolls? Do designs without embellishment feel cold and unwelcoming to you? If you're drawn to a dreamy, whimsical look, then you're a romantic. You prefer frilly and feminine to streamlined and rigid and are a firm believer that more is more.

5.If Your Pillows Are Perfectly Symmetrical
Do you consider yourself organized? Keeping all your ducks in a row — and your pillows too — means you have a tailored, classic style. This look is best for someone who is detail-orientated, organized, and orderly."

Off to bed all of you.

Images & Results : here


PreeOccupied said...

Great quiz, Purple...I am # 3. :-(

Shanthi said...

No wonder u r off to bed - they all look so inviting. Oh God 3 C in and out - that is cold. I have 0 outside but 20+ inside :-). Good luck with the play school and now the race begins - enjoy it.

Sudha said...

beautiful pillows...:)..seems like I am Type 2 ...and yes, pillow stacking does say a lot about one's personality (i got that from our camp commandant at an NCC

Sharon said...

3 when I am alone, 2 when giving it to the fact that I live with a man!:)

Design Elements said...

wonderful quiz! I'm type 2 :-)

Sound Horn Please said...

2 is me!

Aneela Z said...

P, I have just blogged about Arhaan's. Im sobbing too every day but in my case its because I WANT TO GO to his school and he should stay home. the only thing they are teaching him (or hope to) is toilet training!! otherwise its just a place where he can go wild. Waisey, touch wood, he is really really happy. Explore around for something that makes both of you happy.

purplehomes said...

hello all you 2 & 3 ladies. Glad you enjoyed the quiz.

Aneela: Since they are teaching him to toilet train you must be a happy & relived mom.