Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello Twenty Eleven!

Hello my lovelies. A very Happy New Year to all of you. How was your New Year eve & the weekend? Mine was full of good friends & family. It sure was fun starting the year with loved ones. 

Will 2011 be all that and much more? Are you the person who still believes in making New Year Resolutions and seeing them through? Well, I for sure STILL do it and like to give them my best shot. Resolutions of all kinds help me put things & my life in order. It helps me to see where I am standing and where I am going. I have made my list of personal & professional goals for the year. (You will hear more about the professional bit in days to come. I am really excited about it and can't wait for things to come together).
Wish me luck. 

But two that clearly stand out are the ones that follow.

Its funny how we often forget to look after ourselves. Commitments of all kinds, Big & Small, Home-Children-Work all leave us with no energy or inclination to look after ourselves. Let's be kind to the person called ME. Let's take out time to look & feel pretty this year. Do whatever it takes to FEEL PRETTY. A pretty scarf around your neck or a flower in your hair. Trust me this will not only make you happy but also make the rest of your day more fruitful & satisfying. A pretty ME will for sure translate into a PRETTIER home & a PRETTIER day at work. I realize that just putting on some kajal does the trick for me. What makes you feel pretty?

Let's try and be THERE with our loved ones more. I don't mean physically. I mean mentally as well. Often we are thinking of our mammoth to-do lists even when we are with family & friends. Ir we have the laptop on 24 hours. Lets try to be with them some MORE.

Also let's try and pick up something new that we'd LOVE to learn or do but haven't had the time or the chance last year. Anything small or big. What would you LOVE to learn/do this year? For me it would be striking off each of the things I mentioned in my "Because  this makes me happy" list earlier.

Will you be joining me? I'd love it. 

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anonymous said...

A Happy New Year to you!! I sure am joining you in making resolutions and making our little dreams come true... luv sis!!

Anonymous said...

lovely post....

A Very Happy New Year To You!!

GB said...

Love the feel pretty thing---that's one I can/would love to tackle! Have a very happy new year Prachi!!

Designwali said...

happy new year! I hope to take a photography class this year! fingers crossed!

Patricia Torres said...

Prachi.. rocking post.. I like!! I always have a momoth to do list.. and all else is forgotten.. I so agree.. I start the year by wanting to do so much more.. and then the list just gets lost..

TheKeyBunch said...

Lovely posts - I strted the year out with no goals but one - to be available for my family some more...:) and about feeling pretty....arggh I really need should see me NOW!:)


purplehomes said...

P : Ofcourse you are :)

GB: Like they say together we can :) working out of home means working in pyjamas for me..have to get rid of that

DW: All the best for your photography classes

Patty: Lots of luck for this year and i hope you have less lists to tackle this year

Sharon: mom to be you can't be anything else but gorgeous & pretty :) put on some gloss mommy

Sound Horn Please said...

Lovely post! Happy New Year Prachi! Photography and Sewing classes are on my 2011 list. One is already paid for. Yay! I know the feeling- I spent a year and half working out of home too- in my PJs!