Friday, October 1, 2010

Because this makes me happy!

I am quite the queen when it comes to making lists. So this month I decided to make a list of a different kind. A list that will make me happy, a list that will inspire me to try out new things and a list that will make life seem so much more beautiful.

11 things I'd like to do in 2010-11.

By 30th September 2011 I would like to:
  1. Bake a cupcake & ice it. Because I can bake cakes, cheese cakes, muffins, soufflés but have never had the courage to bake & ice a cupcake
  2. Re-do Sara's room. Because she is a toddler now and her mother needs a reason to redesign & redecorate
  3. Change all the artwork in the house yet again. Because I want to. Because the last time I made each was five years back and I am bored. Because there will be only 25 frames to be filled and I am completely mad to attempt the same with so much already going on in my life
  4. Learn the complete lyrics of the song Hope you dance (the song we used in Sara's first year video montage). Because its such a lovely song and I am really bad at remembering lyric. Because I'd like to sing it for Sara.
  5. Get a snap of the three of us (DH, Sara & me) clicked. Because we have the lousiest family snaps in the world. Because its rare that we get the opportunity to click the three of us together its either DH & Sara or Sara & me
  6. Plan a memorable day for my dad. Because its his 60th birthday and I love him. Because he is the best dad in the world
  7. Throw a really really CUTE birthday party for Sara. Because she is turning two next year and I want to start spending all my days & nights planning it!
  8. Complete my collection of Nigella Lawson books. Because I am HUGE fan and love that she only cooks food with 10000 plus calories and there are three that I don't have including her latest release Kitchen
  9. Spend an entire night watching our favourite DVDs, munching popcorn & downloading coke into my system (We are talking beyond permissible limits) with DH. Because there was a time when we would watch two movies a night after getting back from work at eight. Because that was our favourite part of the day. Because it was so much fun. Because ever since the little one came into our lives we haven't been able to do this.
  10. Learn how to maintain indoor plants. Because the only indoor plant I understand is plucking a stem off the money plant in my balcony and putting it in a bottle. Because I love greens inside but they always die as soon I get them in
  11. Come up with a sweet little tradition for each festival or special day that we will be celebrating in 2010-11. Because now is the time that Sara has started understanding & participating in the things we do around the house and it will be awesome  if she has a particularly sweet-something to look forward to each time we celebrate a particular festival or a special day

So that was my list of eleven things I'd like to do by September 2011. I will be striking them off as I complete them. And of course sharing it each time I accomplish something on the list. They say sharing goals always helps in achieving them quickly and by putting it here on the blog and sharing with all you lovely people who have always encouraged me for everything I have taken up in the past I am hoping the same!

I intend to make a list like this each year and share the same with you. With a little difference though. For the year 2011-12, it will be 12 things I'd like to  accomplish and 13 for 2012-13...the reason being If I can manage to do eleven things that make me happy this time around I am sure I can manage one more the year after!

Have you noticed how my list revolves around making my loved ones feel special, designing, renovating, baking, eating, throwing handcrafted parties...well because that is what I like and is a large part of who I am!

Having said that...since I love parties of any kind...lets transform this activity into a lovely party. I invite all of you...bloggers, readers, friends, family to make your own lists...things that will make YOU happy and share it with all of us. This is how you become a part:

For bloggers:

  1. Write a "Because this makes me happy" post on your blog and link back to this particular post on purplehomes, url here
  2. Copy the 'permalink' from your blog leave it in the comments section
  3. I will be then collating them all on a separate page on the blog so that we can all drop in there whenever we feel like and see the group growing
  4. Any questions, email me at
  5. Share on your blog each time you meet your personal goal. Don't forget to share it with us!
For Non-bloggers:

  1. Write a "Because this makes me happy" note on paper, click a picture or scan it and upload the picture here.  Or the Corel/Picasa/Photoshop savvy ones can make use of that and upload it here as well. Or simply email me!
  2. Any questions, email me at
  3. Share with us each time you meet a goal against your picture here
Spread the word around...tell your friends, family, little ones...anyone and everyone you want to and lets all work towards becoming happier!

Before I end,
  • This is not a list of New Year resolutions (It's still three months away; in case you didn't notice). No "I want to lose weight", "I want to start getting up early", "I am going to read the newspaper everyday", "I want to become a better human being", save that for New Year! We are talking small, we are talking happy, and we are talking just because I want to do it!
  • This is not a list where I intend to keep doing something through the next 12 months. Thats tough! This list is for those one-time things that I have always wanted to learn/do but somehow never managed to squeeze out time for it
  •  This is not my typical to-do list that I make every day of the year
  • This is not a place for listing professional/work related goals
There is no last date to join this one. Start when you feel you are ready for one.Think hard. Think happy!

Looking forward to many of joining me here! Let the party begin!! 

Images : here, herehere.


Puja Raina Mahaldar said...

Prachi I love you for this! Truly

Puja Raina Mahaldar said...

Prachi I love you for this! Truly

Puja Raina Mahaldar said...

Prachi I love you for this! Truly

GB said...

As you update your artwork, keep the ones you want to giveaway for me. Thankyouverymuch and i'llbeyourslaveforlife!

My Dream Canvas said...

Wonderful idea Prachi!!

Sound Horn Please said...

What a lovely post, Prachi! I'm big on making lists too, I'm jotting things down all the time, only never implement them! But this is such a feel good list. I'm going to sit down and make a list of things that make me happy too :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Prachi.. this is simply awesome!!

Unknown said...

Awesome idea, Prachi! You rock!

- S

Aneela Z said...

hmm suggestions for a to do list that will make me happy? Lets start with Chulbul Pandey.

PixHome said...

Prachi..Its really good set of collection..Even i have one look up for pixhome.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Manu: Blush blush!Glad you liked the post so much :)

GB: Yes yes please..they are yours ..forever! I hope we will see you joining this big happy party!

Anu: Thanks! Waiting for yours :)

SHP: Can't wait to know what makes you happy!

Patty: Candles & festivities will definitely be a part of your list...grin grin

Sharon: Would love to have you in this group

Aneela: You are THE BEST! Whats after Chulbul Pandey..i ask?

Pixhome: Welcome here!

My Dream Canvas said...

Here is my link for joining your lovely party:-)

Sudha said...

nice...hope to join the party very soon

Anonymous said...

I came back to this from.. Anus.. and still cant think of all the things I want to do... huummm... I will come up with my list soon.. :-)

Unknown said...

Anu : Thanks for joining the party...together we will strike them off!

Sudha: Yes! Yes! please!

Pats: Please do..i am eagerly waiting for your list

Swatantra said...

Hi Prachi!!

First time on your blog!! You have a beautiful blog, and this post is awesome.. God Bless you!!


Unknown said...

Swantantra: Smiles..smiles..smiles..thanks for visiting me...have a great day!

Neha said...

Prachi, thanks a lot for spreading this wonderful idea. I just finished mine and and am joining your party at my blog