Friday, September 3, 2010

Color Crush : Aqua

It had been raining like crazy whole of the last week and the week before that. And I was lurving it. This week its back to sunny and humid and my heart is really missing the pitter patter...the lushness in my little garden, playing in the rain with my little one and drinking lots of hot coffee. So I am craving all things aqua right now.

Oops..someone rescue those aqua slip ons! 
A clock to wake me please. I wouldn't mind that pretty package either!

Lots of blue thread for all those DIYS. Remember how in school these bands were such a craze. 
I remember weaving them for my friends all night! How adorable are these raindrop envelopes!!

What an amazing new take on the headboard! a painted wrought iron one! 
Old tins with flowers & lots of yummy paper...I am a fan of both!

What color are you craving this September? See my earlier Color Crush posts here.

Images : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,89


Kanika Bahl said...

love aqua so much! and yes the headboard looks awesome!

Rekha said...

I love aqua too..

GB said...

Love all shades of turquoise aqua blue and robin's egg blue ..lovely post!

Laura said...

Have you seen this?

There's a whole series of these, each blog devoted entirely to one color or color scheme. Wonderful :)

purplehomes said...

Kanika: Happy to see you here...yup isn't the headboard so so pretty...hey btw did you finally made an orange space in your balcony...i rem you posting a comment on the same

Rekha : Another aqua fan :)

GB: Oo...i am loving the way you have described shades of aqua...i know what you are going to like if you are a big color fan...will post it soon:)

Laura: Thanks so much for passing on that link...i LOVED it. such a source of inspiration for so many projects.

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

my absolute favorite!!