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Design Talks : Sharon & Rekha

Hello everyone! I am back with Design talks. And guess who do we have with us this time? The lovely Sharon and the fantastic Rekha. And the timing could not have been better. Its their blog’s second anniversary!! So join me in wishing them loads & loads of inspiring posts and many many years of happy blogging!

Oo…and before we get engrossed in our little tête-à-tête, if you have missed any of the earlier Design talks interviews, catch them here. Also if you’d like me to feature your favorite design blogger just drop me a mail and I promise to get them here!

Well, to begin with our readers would love to know the amazing team behind “The Key Bunch”? Sharon & Rekha please tell us something about yourself, your family & of course what do you do in life other than coming up with such inspiring posts day after day?

Sharon: Prachi, so happy to be featured here. I live in Pune with my husband Ranjit and 4-year-old daughter Johanna. I am a stay-at-home mom and a freelance writer when I am not blogging. My life is a happy whirl of cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, long hours at the computer, deadline rushes and art classes. In the evenings you will almost always find me at the play area downstairs where my daughter hangs out with her friends. I always have time for some chocolate and coffee no matter what part of the day it is. I love plants but suck at gardening. I’m going to keep trying!

I love the having time for chocolate & coffee bit!! How about you Rekha?

Rekha: I am a freelance writer with an architect hubby, Sridhar and 2 kiddos – Sanjanaa and Sidharth. I have a new found love for baking and love experimenting in the kitchen. I am also a fitness freak, I never get bored reading about health and fitness.

Hmm…that’s neat because I am sure with fitness as your second love you never need to worry about the calories from your first love, baking! What is really interesting about your blog is that the two of you run it together. How did you guys meet? And when & why did you decide to blog together?

Sharon: We met ages back when we were independent freelancers and found ourselves freelancing for the same American client. The work was technical and we used to often chat about interiors and décor ideas. Rekha first brought up the idea of starting a blog, and the rest as they say is history.

Rekha: As Sharon said, we met online when we were working for a US-based firm. The fact that both of us were and are passionate about design gave us the idea of putting up a blog together.

That is very interesting indeed. What more can wish but to work with colleagues who turn into friends & bloggers because of common interests! So Sharon what is it that you admire about Rekha the most?

Sharon: I love the way she puts family first in everything. I admire that in her. If I have a deadline you will probably see me at the comp even if it means working with my daughter on my lap! But not Shashi (that’s what I got used to calling her before she decided she wanted to be known as Rekha on the blog)-I love that she has the spunk to say no to any extra work that will get in the way of her family time. I also like her style of writing.

Your turn Rekha.

Rekha: I admire her confidence and the ability to network with people easily (obviously, these are the qualities I lack).

Now those are some things that you like about each other but when blogging together, are there times when you have differences in opinions about where you see your blog going? How do you resolve issues like that?

Sharon: Yes of course, and I believe it’s a good thing to have the occasional difference in opinion. It would be worrying if we both agreed on everything ;)…It’s funny you asked because we are currently trying to work out an issue regarding the blog – we have decided to take a week off to think hard and then meet (online, of course) to discuss and then come to a decision. However, I think on the whole we have a lovely style of working together, holding fort when the other is away, and even giving each other leads for posts – all for the greater glory of The KeybunchJ

Rekha: Ditto! Of course, there are bound to be issues that we don’t always agree upon. While we agree to disagree on some issues, other issues get resolved when one of us manage to convince the other. J

The Key Bunch “opens doors to beautiful homes, offices and spaces”. We’d love to know what is it that opens your mind to new thoughts, new ideas & inspires you.

Sharon: Hmmm …now that’s a tough one – my inspiration is everywhere. I read a lot, I love talking to people and it’s a lovely feeling when I get the scoop on a new store, a beautifully done up home, chance upon an artist whose work I love, or see a blog post that’s show-stopping good!  It’s the small things that really inspire me though – I love the colorful garb on the womenfolk of the lambadi tribe, paisley prints, a well-kept hut and a pretty sunset.

Rekha: I get excited when I see anything that is well designed and executed. Magazine features, inspiring pictures on the internet and design blogs give me ideas and thoughts.

Taking a cue from what you just said. There are so many wonderful design blogs around us. We’d like to know the ones you heart. Indian & International both please.

Sharon: I love the posts that our network of Indian design bloggers brings out – they are all very inspiring. I especially heart the posts that are a product of not just online surfing but actual trips to homes and destinations, guides that are painstakingly put together and DIYs and informative posts on products and their availability. Among the international ones I find myself drawn to the ones that feature inexpensive décor ideas – my current favorite is The Inspired Room

Rekha: I like all the design blogs we follow on our blog. Each blog is special in its own way and that’s the beauty of blogging.

True that it is, so many blogs for inspiration and so little time. And then there are magazines. We are so sure that come every 1st you guys must be dying to get hold of fresh issues of your fav mags! So which are the ones that find their way to your bedside tables?

Sharon: Just one - BBC Good Homes. I cancelled out all my other subscriptions when I moved to my new place, because I didn’t find them inspiring and original enough. I also like the décor ideas in Good Housekeeping. Online I head often to the Marie Claire Maison website.

Rekha: True, I would love to lay my hands on every single design magazine. Having an in house architect has its won advantages; this is one of them–getting to read most of the magazines. J

Sharon, I agree BBC Good Homes is on the of the better mags that we have in the market today. And Rekha I am truly jealous of you J Okay, now my favorite question. What are the ten décor accessories in your home that you just can’t dream of living without?

Sharon: My books, my lanterns, my old-fashioned catholic altar, my antique pedestal, an antique carpet that I picked up in Kuwait, my brassware and a modern art painting are the things that I would hate to part with.

Rekha: Most of the accessories I love were picked up from exhibitions – Sri Lankan Mask, terracotta tiles, terracotta mirror, blue and yellow tortoise, hand painted marble plate, colorful Rajasthan puppets, terracotta idol of a woman, hand painted accessory box.

To wrap up, any tips for the readers for an instant know when unexpected guests call up to say hey we’ll be there in exactly ten minutes.

Sharon: Yes, work on beautifying and clearing up the biggest spaces first - clear couches and seats, arrange the coffee table – put a nice centrepiece. It doesn’t have to be flowers – just grab a pineapple or a bag of apples and arrange them attractively. If you have 4 minutes still to spare, clean the kitchen and make sure the counter is cleared of unwanted stuff, then spend the last 2 minutes dolling yourself up. J It works!

Rekha: Put away all the unsightly things, bring in some fresh flowers, add some potted plants and you are set to welcome the guests.

Thanks Sharon & Rekha. It was a pleasure speaking to both of you. Once again, a very happy blog anniversary and here’s to many more!

Image : thekeybunch


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Hey, thanks for the feature, feels good to read about ourselves :)

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