Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Go Green : Day three

Hello lovelies. The weather today is just awesome! I am sitting outside enjoying the breeze and trying to finish my work so that I can go down for a stroll. Let me share some brilliant GREEN ideas with you. I can't stop smiling when I look at them.

What? You are saying whats the point of having this regular bookshelf featured here today. Scroll down for an answer.

This shelf is made out of old issues of National Geographic Mag! Yes you heard me right! Unbelievable..huh? Can you see the mags in the picture above? Its conceptualized and created by the Sean Miller. Now you know what one can do with all those hundreds of issues of old mags.

I am SO smitten by this cool bag. Its made out of licence plates. You sure are going to be the talk of the town whenever you step out with this one. These bags are by a South African design company called Platies. Do check out more of their cool products. 

The color fan that I am! Ok you can call me color crazy...I am drooling non-stop ever since I came across this. This jewellery designed by Maria Cristina Belluci is so GORGEOUS. She uses pencil colors...I love the color combinations, the light brown of the pencil against the colored leads. See more of her work here. Ofcourse this is something that we may not be able to pull off but it sure is very inspiring. Watch out this space for tons & tons of DIY Green ideas in tomorrow's post.

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anonymous said...

These are lovely. Where do you find these?? It's something that I would so like to make on my own. It's like a completely fresh take on what recycled stuff is or can be!


Patricia Torres said...

These are great finds... awesome!! You are truly going GREEN.. and so am I (envious of the breeze!!)

Sudha said...

inspiring :)

purplehomes said...

Pats, Sudha & Purva : Happy to hear you are all getting inspired! Don't forget to share your recycling beauties, once you are done!