Monday, June 7, 2010

Go Green : Day two

Day two of the Go Green week. So did you try recycling this weekend? Did you find any new uses for your old things? Lets move from the very complicated designer stuff that we saw on Day one to simple yet very creative ideas which all of us can try out at home. Though I must warn you right at the beginning they are very whimsical!

The first two awesome ideas are from the very talented Jo-Annie.

Mmm...a suitcase or a lamp? I am so LOVING this. What fun...I can see myself trying this for sure. All those old suitcases are ready to get a new life!

A lovely plant in a gas burner.Why throw when you can recreate magic? 

This one takes the cake! A letter a Microwave.  The postman will thank you for making his day...always!

Also, I couldn't resist sharing some old posts on some awesome recycled designs. Click here, herehere.

See you tom!

Images : Jo Annie & Micro

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