Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Go Green : Day four

Today's post is full of DIY Ideas! Read on and promise yourself not to throw away stuff without thinking. everything. Instead convert it into art for your rooms, planters for your herbs and so much more. And all this without compromising on the look. Lets all go Eco Chic!

Isn't this wall art so pretty? You know what is it made with? Toilet paper rolls!! What a brilliant idea and a lovely execution. Find the instructions to make it here. The only extra detail I would have some paint on them!

I came across this at Realsimple. How cool is this? I see readers with kids nodding...oh yes how fast they grow? What a fun way to use kiddie crocs!!

This one is truly Eco chic. A driftwood rack! Won't it make any entryway divine! Click here for instructions.

Alright! My absolute fav. LURVE LURVE LURVE this one. Truly breathtaking! What does one do with those tons of used paint brushes. Make it a part of your home decor...what else? Infact its a good way to find a home for your new brushes as well. I found it here.

The last DIY idea for today. Felted rocks. Lovely aren't they. Collect some rocks while on a walk and convert them into a centerpiece. Instructions here.

See you tomorrow with some more DIY tips!

Images : Wall art, Crocs plants, Driftwood rack, Paintbrush vase & Felted rocks


Rekha said...

The paintbrush one is my fav too, amazing how everyday objects can perk up a corner.

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

brilliant finds, prachi! but i am waiting for your waste to treasure ideas from the workshop you just got done with. when will u be posting those?:)

Pooja said...

Oh My God! I just loved all the ideas. This is amazing. The best was brush one :)

Patricia Torres said...

Oh my.. .Prachi... oh my!! such awesome finds.. I love the paintbrush... and now I know what I am going to do with my daughters sketchers... thats an awesome idea!!

purplehomes said...

Rekha : Abslutely and did the wallpaper, the flowers & those pears! Perfect!

Sharon: Workshop in the last week of June :) Will post them for sure

Pooja: Do try some at your new home!

Pats: I am sure with two girls n a creative mom, you will hv no shortage of paint brushes!