Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A colorful 2008

A very happy new year to all of you!! I am really sorry for not being around all this time but I promise to be regular from now.

New Year is the time to make new resolutions and start afresh. So what are your New Year design resolutions? Mine is change to the look of my house every season, leave my personal stamp on everything I do, create adorable lil “somethings” out of lying at home “nothings” and get inspired by so many of these creative people who are out their designing some awesome stuff. I was just reading about the home décor trends for the year 2008 and thought I must share the same with you. Here are some I loved.

Style trends for the year

  • Goodbye minimalism, Hello textures and Layers: Mix and match is the mantra for this year, a contemporary coffee table with a velvet couch. It’s all about mixing theme from different periods of history and combining textures.
  • Eco Trends: It’s all about being responsible home makers and hence the use of organic and recycled furniture, paints, accessories et al. Design savvy yet eco friendly.
  • Leather with a feminine touch: For long leather has been associated with bachelor pads but this year its all about bringing out the softer side with caramel, cappuccino, cocoa and cinnamon as well as colors ranging from pastel pinks to robin egg blue with contrasting accent colors of dark chocolate. Yes you have read it right.
  • Multipurpose furniture and accessories: Utility not only at the product level but also in design.
  • Scaling down and scaling up: Oversized furniture is out but big patterns on furnishing and accessories are in.
  • Understated glamour and Metal: Glamour that just whispers and is not over the top. Metallic finishes, grey tone metals like silver, pewter, brushed nickel, aluminum, steel, and platinum will be in.

Color trends for interiors the year

  • Warm reds of the watermelon and carrot orange types
  • Lime yellow, kiwi and tangerine
  • Black & White still rule but combined with yellow, lime orange and fresh green
  • Blue with camel and tan, pale green and yellow
I love the first two palettes they are so wonderfully cool for Indian summers. So go ahead and choose your favorite and even if you can’t change the entire décor of the house lots of accessories thrown around the house will definitely bring in the trend for 2008 into your homes.
Sources: Trends as predicted by Design consultant Davis Remignanti at furniture.com & Janice Simonsen at IKEA. Pictures are from the web.

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