Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas is here...

With Christmas just around the corner, i thought it would be fun to look around and find some really innovative and offbeat Christmas trees that are being designed this year and have been created in the past. Here they are..
From Left to Right :
Row One :
  • Acrylic Christmas Trees : Designed by Aaron R. Thomas. He works with acrylic and converts scraps into amazing art pieces. This one is definitely my favorite.
  • Winter White Christmas tree : By Treetopia. Each tree has a story behind it. Do check out their colorful trees on their website ( The snow covered tree looks so pure and beautiful!!
  • Candy Apple Red Tinsel Tree : Again by Treetopia. A Perfect tree that goes well with the reds and greens colors used during Christmas

Row Two :

  • Green X mas tree : Designed by Buro North. Its an ecofriendly tree made with waste material and comes in a flat packing
  • Intel Tree : Believe it or not, this one was made with 2000 Intel processors.
  • Blue and White LED Christmas Tree : I don’t know the designer of this one. The blue and White looks divine like lots of twinking stars in the sky.

Row Three :

  • Fluffy coiled tin can work tree : Made by George, a Zimbabwean refugee in Cape Town. Just look at the way the tin cans have been used to make this awesome piece
  • Ping pong Tree & Metal tree : Every Year Green Bay an advertising and design firm transforms common objects into gorgeous Christmas trees. The last trees are from the years 2006 and 2001. The first one is made from 1500 ping pong balls and the second one is from metal objects.
    Enjoy dressing up your Christmas trees and do share the pictures with me ;))

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