Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hello Mix & Match

Eclecticism : It is characterized by the fact that it is not a particular style.

What better way to add a personality to my room by following the first style manta of 2008. Mix and Match. Yes, Eclectic style it is. I mean wow; I can mix themes, accessories, textures, colors and whatever else I can think of!! Of course one needs to take care that all this blends together beautifully and doesn’t leave the home looking chaotic.
Pictures : Ikea Room design 2008
It gives me the chance to fill my home with all that I love ;) All those tips and goodies from places I have been to and will go, whatever I see around me and touches me, whatever I have bought and will buy. This is like bringing my past, present and future whims together. I am loving it ;)
  • Think Ethnic and modern together...grandmother’s antique table in a modern study
  • Think bringing together different textures...accessorizing the leather couch with velvet, silk cushions
  • Doing up the room in contrasting colors
  • Think stripes and dots and florals…all at the same time…lovely…( I would keep the colors complementary though)
  • How about a modern black and white art on a red wall.

Well, this takes care of two of my New Year design resolutions. Changing the look of my home every season falls just in line with this mix and match trend and this will definitely help me leave a personal stamp on whatever I do ;)

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