Thursday, November 22, 2007

Color Trends for the year 2008

2007 coming to an end and the little piece I did on the color purple yesterday set me looking for the color palette for the year 2008. So for those of you who own homes (Unlike some of us who stay in rented houses and can’t do much with the walls ;)) here are the international color trends for the year 2008 (Courtesy: Debbie Zimmer from The Rohm & Haas paint quality institute)

Go Green: She says, “Green may just become the newest “neutral” color”. Springy Greens & Aqua Blues to create a fresh and an outdoor feel or tans and browns for that earthy look. Now green is supposed to be very restful to the eyes and can reduce fatigue. So for all you stressed out people, I think it will be a good idea to go ahead and try this out.

Sophisticated Elegance: Zimmer says “Gaining popularity in 2008, black and white paint hues will enhance opulent living spaces filled with accessories, lighting, mirrors and rich fabrics”. Now the trick in using these yin and yang colors would be to strike a balance and use various hues rather than a striking black & white interior which can become a little difficult to live with after some time. Rohm & Haas suggests using silver metallic and dramatic red accessories to give the room an edge.

Crewel Colors: Rich cranberry reds, warm browns, along with pumpkin orange to create that soulful personalized feel is what she suggests here. All these colors above are such warm and snug colors and they remind me of orange carrots & all the citrus fruits that are so very there in winters and yes the orange cake that we baked last sunday…yummy ;)
Some random pictures of rooms from the internet illustrating the color trends for 2008

Now, just because I can’t paint my walls doesn’t mean that I won’t be bringing in these colors in my home. A good idea would be to experiment with accessories and bring out the same effect. With winters setting in at Delhi I like the idea of going ahead with the Crewel Colors theme (Refreshing Green & the frosty Black & White can wait till summers)

Some elements like lampshades, curtains, table top stuff, bedcovers, cushions can definitely do the trick. Happy doing crewel work!! Leaving you with a picture of a corner that I created in our dining area inspired by these colors ;)

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All excited to do bring in these colors...Winter Project