Friday, November 23, 2007

A treat for your eyes

With the weekend almost here, I can’t help but think of vacations ;) For those of you who must be wondering about this picture that I have on the extreme right - uppermost corner of my page. It’s from this picturesque island of Burano where we had gone for a vacation sometime back. It’s an island very close to Venice and just like Venice; Burano too is a cluster of islands connected by lots & lots of bridges. Now Burano is famous for its lace making but that is not what interested me most. What it’s also famous for is the bright colored houses of the fishermen staying there. The legend is that they were painted by the fishermen to recognize them from a distance whenever they were away for a very long time. Today, any new house that needs to be painted needs permission from the government and they notify them of the color that can be used to maintain the character of the island!!
Some Pictures that we clicked there
Just look at the feast of colors!! Pastel Red, Green, Blue, Yellow! They leave you completely intoxicated. The color scheme makes you think that yes, so many different colors can be put together and can still maintain complete harmony. A lovely painting on a white wall perhaps!!
There are times when we see a picture or a something very scenic thats a treat for our eyes and we badly want to bring in the same essence inside our home, but are not sure of the colors to be used. That’s where I think this amazing tool that I discovered is of great help.
The Color Palette Generator: Just upload your favorite snap and click "create", the tool will produce the color palette for the same.

Try this once and you will not be disappointed. It makes all your home décor and art projects so uncomplicated.Have a great and vibrant weekend!!

P.S. Some quick facts for people who feel like going there after seeing these gorgeous pictures:
Burano is situated 7 kilometers from Venice, a short 40 minute trip by Venetian boats, "vaporetti” will take you there.

Things to see:

  • Galluppi Square
  • Church of St.Martino Bishop
  • Museum of Lace
  • Statue of Baldassarre Galuppi

Things to do:

  • Look at the houses and salivate ;)
  • Pick up a gelato or some amazing fish at one of the “Trattoria Buranella”
  • And of course, pick up some lovely Burano Lace souvenirs, here’s mine ;)

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