Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bring in a little purple

I believe that homes are a creative form of self expression; a space that can evolve over time. This blog will try to cover all, which deals with this Space called Home with design as the primary theme. Enjoy!!!

Since this is my first posting, I thought it was only fair that I start with one of my favorite colors, purple. The color is said to inspire creativity and hence the name of the blog.

Purple is created by mixing Red & Blue so it has both warm and cooling properties. So, while one shade may uplift and energize you, another may calm you down. Use a Deep or bright purple and it looks rich, use a lighter purple and it will look so romantic and delicate. Use it with neutrals and it looks earthy. Put it alongside a contrasting green and the effect is awesome.

Here are some of my favorite purple pics from the internet. I hope they inspire you to bring in a little purple inside your home too ;))

p.s. The pic at the extreme right in the grid (bottommost) is of a wedding invite I did for a friend ;)


MMSarvotham said...

I like your choice of colour & your free spirit.

Preeti said...

Never ever thot that "Purple" color has so much into it...and as for first efforts in writing blogs then i must say efforts have really paid off well..keep it up and wud love to read more :)

Parul said...

Jeez....I cannot believe that I am not the first to comment...I had no plans to lurk at all!!

Great first post! I am no authority at all this of course but I know that the template looks great and the content reads great.

As for the blog writing, get set for checking your mail every few minutes to see if you have got new comments!

Alllll the best...crack this thing open!

purplehomes said...

msarvotham : Thanks. Hope you enjoy reading it too ;)

preeti : thanks

parul : Glad u liked it..keep sendin me feedback ;)

MMSarvotham said...

I have opened two blogger accounts & am slightly confused.So I will appreciate if you send mails to my email id.

purva said...

hey...d fact that I posted a comment n didn't reach ya..shows how blog challenged I am!! :) anyways...first of all, I confess I appreciate art but fail to understand it as you have a lot of learning to do ...
And, second, I can almost bet upon the fact that the vibrancy in the written word and pictures on your blog will serve as an inspiration for many...
as for beginners like me who stay in a rented accomadation..I'll add up some colout to ma place n send u the pic soon...:)