Monday, October 28, 2013

Purplehomes gets nominated for the GoodHomes Awards 2013.

When I began blogging five years back (actually just a month away from celebrating six years of blogging...big yay!) it was like my little scrapbook of inspiring ideas, pretty pictures, a diary of all the celebrations in my life, all the DIYs that I attempted at home, sharing my victories and failures on the potters' wheel and more. I had no idea I would be at it for six years. And would be at it happy. I didn't even stick to a job for this long in my past life:) Now that does say something, doesn't it?

And from there it all evolved into working for a cause, starting artprints by purplehomeswriting for magazines and being written about and so much more (food being the other much loved twin ). Pinch me someone! 

And it is all because I knew that all this while when I was thinking, writing, editing,shooting posts there was and IS this amazing bunch of readers waiting for me to hit the publish button. That kept me going. Still does. Big thank you to all of you.
And now to be nominated by the ever so lovely team at the GoodHomes Magazine for the GoodHomes Awards 2013 has me singing:) Honored and Delighted. 

That I am in such good company makes this all the more special.

So today I am going to ask you lovelies to show your support and love to purplehomes and vote for what is rightly yours. This blog belongs to both you and me. Let's make it happen, shall we?

To cast your vote and make my day,simply click on the link below and "like" it. I'd ofcourse love to hear from you as well...anything really..what you like about purplehomes,why you like it, if we have "met" via this space...any memories...leave me a comment there.

There are three other absolutely talented women with me in this, share your love with all of you. Vote for them here

Keep reading, keep smiling.


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