Sunday, June 23, 2013

Indian art for happy rooms.

Loving the elephant artwork and the Taj Mahal wall print in the nursery. Are you loving what I am loving? Getting a little bit of India in modern settings is not that tough. Both the prints gel so beautifully in these happy spaces. See another such example of the same here

How cute is that bunting and that pink car!
 Love the calmness this corner exudes.

Do you have such corners to share? Drop me a line on the purplehomes facebook page. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. I am still getting used to Sunday being the first day of the week for us here:)

Image: 1 & 2


The Asmi said...

this is awesome... love the idea. indeed very unique

The Asmi said...

indeed very unique, love the idea.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Post!!!
Appreciating work you shared & post. This is full of creativity, Same like this the indian art is also full of creativity. That's the reason, Thanks.