Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A New Beginning.

Hello lovely readers. How are you doing? It’s been over a month that we met each other and let me tell you I’ve really missed being here. Purplehomes is my space for it allows me to think, create, day dream, relax and of course be with all of you. And over the last four years it has unknowingly given me a lot. New friends, new learnings and new work opportunities; those I couldn’t dream of four years back. And am really thankful to each one of you for the all love and support you have always had for purplehomes. I feel truly blessed.

When I left the corporate world about five years back I had some dreams that I wanted to realize. Some came true, others didn’t. I got to pursue studio pottery. I got the wonderful opportunity of working as a business consultant with some amazingly talented women who wanted to make the lives of so many other women better. And the blog allowed me to connect with like minded people who gave me the chance to write for design magazines. Touchwood. And I’ve truly enjoyed each moment. Along the way I also started to focus on my other love, food.

But the time had come for me to move and take some decisions. Professionally. Much as I liked and loved what I was doing there comes a time when you really can’t do it ALL. For you have some other dreams that have waited long enough and you really want to focus all your energies to realize those.

So the time had come to say goodbye to both my consulting job with WoW and take a little (ahem, more like a long one actually) break from studio pottery. Someone who I really respect told me something really meaningful and true. She said, “One of the most beautiful things in life is that through experiences like these you learn, discover, experience and understand what is really a part of you and what makes you happy”. And both studio pottery and my work with WoW did exactly that. They taught me so much and nourished my soul. However, they left me with very little time and energy to focus on what I wanted to make of purplehomes. And so a few weeks back I decided to say bye to both. Tough but required.

What next, you ask? Well, like I said earlier I’ve been living with some really crazy ideas for more than a year now and the time has come to bring one of those ideas to fruition now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present to you,

Adorning spaces has and will always be my first love and through purplehomes, we want to do exactly that. I also managed to convince a certain lady to work after office hours (Read: through nights) to join me in dreaming and making those dreams real! 

And now I am going to stop rambling and let purplehomes do all the talking. Please wish me luck :)

Image :  purplehomes


Ruchira Bhatia said...

Wish you all the best! Gorgeous stuff :-)

TheKeyBunch said...

Wow you are ready! congrats and good luck!! over to your website now :)


Miss Frangipani said...

Congratulations, Prachi and good luck with this new adventure to you both! Looking forward to more updates on how it is going.

Meenakshi Sundar said...

WOW!Congrats Prachi !Good luck & kudos for following ur heart ...ur truely inspiring !!!

Shalini said...

Congratulations and good luck. The website looks very nice.

purplehomes said...

Thank you ladies :) Hope you liked the artworks.

Pooja said...

Wish you luck sweetheart. I am sure your purplehome will do well :)

Patricia Torres said...

Congratulations... celebrations... and all the good luck in the world... :)