Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Loving December

Hello people. Liking December? 
I am totally loving it. For the slight chill in the air. For the warmth of the sun that we are enjoying. And more importantly for all the get togethers at home that not only translate into good times with family & friends but also tons of opportunities to do up the home and cook. My two favorite things to do :)

The month began with a Sunday brunch with the extended family and then there is our anniversary, sister's birthday, Christmas and the New Year to be planned. I am excited to play the role of the hostess and the cook. Can't get any better? :))

How have you been? 

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Emreen said...

Lovely flowers.... !!! Waiting to see the recipes at Orange Kitchens !!

Shanthi said...

Ooooh lala! what a month and so many moments for your Orange Kitchens :-). We are enjoying the snow flowers around us.

Babita @ CSU said... seem to be all set for December...lovely blog !!!
Merry Christmas !!

Susan said...

I don't like winter because I live in Alaska)) But I love Christmas so this is a wonderful month!