Friday, December 9, 2011

I heart them

There are gift wraps and there are GIFT WRAPS.  I am SO loving these.  You have to see them to believe. And ofcourse spend a little time observing the detailing of each one. I can't get over all the gorgeousness. With Christmas & New Years' just around the corner, do give these a try. I know I will. So inspiring.
 Elegant and subtle. The use of multiple layers, lace, flowers and some shimmer. Ooo...
Stunning! Such a creative use of leaves and flowers. So awesome. So Fab.

What do you think? Sigh!

Image :  here & here


Shanthi said...

Tooooooooo Good.Both the themes r so unique in their own way. As always you share lovely things :-).

Shanthi said...

I thought I commented on this before. Where did that comment go :-). These are lovely ways of packing gifts and both so different from one another but in their unique way make whatever inside - extra special.

Kala said...

Tat's really amazingggg