Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is your Christmas tree up?

Each year I like to hunt for offbeat and creative Christmas trees. And I am swooning over these ones at the moment.
How sweet is this? One can create this in minutes with just some felt/paper and a pair of zigzag scissors. Would be nice to have many of these on the dinner table. I am so doing this.
 Tiny pillows make for a cute Xmas tree. I wish I was a sewing goddess.
 How creative is this? Christmas ornaments in December and one can keep changing it suit different occasions. Lurve this one.
Pretty doable, right?  I would love to sit under this one with a cup of hot chocolate (Only 70% cocoa please)

And finally what a brilliant idea to display your cards and have a tree.

Is your tree already up? Are you doing anything differently this year?
For more Christmas tree eye candy & inspiration revisit my past posts :  herehere and here.Yay for December!

Images :  1,2,3,4 & 5


Srija Padmnanabhan (Chickoo) said...

Whoooo! each one of them is beautiful. Unable to decide which one tops the other.

Reshma at said...

Nope! No christmas tree up because we don't have one! Sigh! Hopefully this year we will have one!

I usually have some paper christmas tree decorations up.

I quite liked the tree with the cushions and Yea...I wish I knew how to sew too!

Vijay Group said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely ideas of Christmas tree decoration. :)