Monday, November 28, 2011

November Fetish!

Those of you have been following the Fetish series here at purplehomeare aware of how much fun I have putting them together (You have fun going through them, right? :)). Plus they are such a great inspiration whenever one needs creative ideas. Its been a while that I wrote a post on it. My current Fetish : the water can.

They make such interesting flower vases and centerpieces.

Or how about just some greens?

My favorite. And those straws with flags. super cute!

If you have any water can moments, please share with us.
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Shanthi said...

Hey Prachi - I love the milk cans and they just are wonderful flower pots. I actually posted one from my house here in an Oct post.

Shanthi said...

Was too excited and mistook the water cans for milk cans :-). Anyways both of them make great flower pots.

Emreen said...

How gorgeous.... Guess I must get a water can... !!