Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Greens on my desk

Remember I mentioned in one of my first posts for the month. Two of my lovely readers had written in asking specific questions. Time to answer them. 

K had asked me for some ideas to bring in a little green to her workspace. You know how it is...a small cubicle. A big room with so many small cubicles. So many of us working inside a big room with so many small cubicles in it! Ha ha...I was just making sure you got it right :)  And No greens. 

Plants have this thing about them. Just looking at them makes you feel all rejuvenated. Calm. Ready to make all those reports & ppts :)

Some very simple ideas to make your office space green & those colleagues,well... greener:)

 Your favorite stem in a bulb

Or in a test tube?

How about putting to those coffee mugs to some good use?

Or dressing up those cookie tins? Woollen coats please? 
One for the pens & one for the plants.

Or get your boss to gift you one of these really pretty & off centered miniplanter. Cute.

 She/he won't gift you one? Just make one then. I did :) These ones. Like them?

Hope you liked it K. How do you get a little bit of green inside your office space? Do share. 

Images : Long due post so I seem to have lost the sources. Please bear. The last one is a picture of a vase I made.


Nags said...

where do you get those stands for the bulb and test tubes?

Simran said...

Love the vases you made P!! Any chance you are having a giveaway giving those away sometime soon ;) *Hint Hint*

Shanthi said...

Prachi I want that bulb holder. Hold one for me please :-). Loved the theme and as always you turn wonders at your wheel.

Pooja said...

Wonderful post. I loved your ideas. I will surely try the mug one at my workplace.

Patricia Torres said...

oh this is gorgeous.. Prachi.. But the greens on my desk and not as pretty... I should do a post too.. :-)

Neha said...

Loved the post and the bulb vase! The vase made by you is so, so gorgeous.

GB said...

Loved those felted tins--what a neat idea. And the repurposed bulb totally takes the cake!

purplehomes said...

Nags : I saw something like this once at Delhi..where do you stay? Also if you are not getting a stand..i think some twine wrapped around it would also do the trick.

Simran-Shanthi-Neha: Thanks guys!

Patty: Yes please do..can't wait to see it.

Pooja : Or may be I can gift you one...wink wink

GB: My fav too..so lovely to have them around in winters!

Nags said...

twine wrapped and then hung from somewhere? sorry i suck at DIY stuff :)

I live in singapore

purplehomes said...

Yes, hung from a pin or a clip:)

Prachee said...

Great blog and great ways of having plants aroung you! btwn we both share the same name, but mine has a double e n not i ;)
keep sharing - squeakycorner