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Design Talks : Anu

Hey, I am back with Design Talks. Did you miss it? I sure did! Its always nice to meet the real person behind my favorite design blog. And when its someone I really really admire, it just makes it all the more special.

I met Anu last year when she was visiting her parents at Gurgaon. Her enthusiasm, the warmth with which she welcomed me and her BEAUTIFUL smile made me her fan. And ever since I had been thinking of inviting her over to purplehomes. And today she is here (And I must mention this that when my many many questions reached her she was in severe pain because of a neck sprain. But Anu being Anu kept her promise to meet  all of you...Didn't I tell you she is one of a kind? Thanks Anu and I hope you are feeling better this morning)

People, say hi to Anu!

Well, to begin with our readers would love to know the design lover & the turquoise crazy person behind My Dream Canvas. Anu,please tell us something about yourself, your family & of course what do you do in life other than coming up with such awesome posts day after day?

I am really touched. Thanks a lot Prachi for this interview, and for the lovely comments about My Dream Canvas. I am an army kid who grew up all over India. However, I spent a decade in Delhi before moving to the States 11 years ago. I have always loved traveling and writing. I worked in the travel industry in Delhi and in the States. I am now a full time mom, freelance writer, keen photographer, and a passionate blogger. I have taken a break from work to raise my kids aged five and two.  

Wow, thats a lot going on. With all this how do you manage to keep such a lovely home. The snippets of your home that we see on your blog are stunning. And more importantly, you've been away from India for long, how do you manage to still have so much of India inside your home? You’re pretty silver and all those lanterns take my breath away! Also give our readers some tips on where they can buy Indian inspired decor stuff from.

India is such a big part of me. I think it is wonderful to be able to call two countries home. Delhi is my home in India. The best part is that…….…… it’s a shopper’s paradise. I know it well:) Every trip back home, I pick up a little something for the house. The silver pieces I own are family heirlooms, and I am very proud of them! The world today is truly a global marketplace. There are numerous stores here in the States where you can buy Indian inspired products. Pier One Imports and World Market, top my list.

Your photographs are some of the best we see in the blog world. Tell us something about how you go about picturing the same in your head and clicking them of course? What camera do you use?

Thank you so much. I have always enjoyed photography and recently it has become an obsession:) My husband has always been supportive of my latest love………. and I hardly go anywhere without my Nikon D5000 J. The Pacific Northwest is such a beautiful part of the world. It is my biggest inspiration. At home, I try and capture the elusive sunlight in this part of the world :). I am very fickle and move things around my home on a frequent basis. I keep my camera handy and simply click away at every opportunity.

Turquoise, antique heart them all. What else inspires you?

The natural beauty around me……sunshine, flowers, mountains, water, traveling, and the lovely world of design and décor- all inspire me! Last, but not the least is my family. I get my décor sense from my Mom who is a perfect hostess, and my love for photography from my Dad who takes excellent pictures. My husband is passionate about travel, and has made many of my travel dreams come true:)

Wow! We would love to meet your family one day. Oo...and we have got to know more about “the shop”. Please tell us the story of your shop.

I would love to own a little boutique shop one day and fill it with the things I love. Dusty old books, antiques, flea market finds, and knick-knacks for the house will all be part of my shop. I want to travel the world and bring back things with a story behind it. Recently on a trip to Bali, I sat next to a woman who painted and carved out a little wooden temple for me! She was very amused, as I sat with her in the shop while she worked. I am not sure if I will be a good business woman…… as I will be emotionally attached to everything in the shop:) The online shop is the first step in that direction.

Now, you've got me all dreamy Anu! Lots of luck.

There are so many wonderful design blogs around us. We’d like to know the ones you heart. Indian & International both please.

That’s really a tough one…..there are way too many to choose from. Each of the lovely blogs have their own distinct style and are filled with inspiration. I just know that the blogosphere is filled with many talented and creative people. I feel lucky, as I can now call many of them friends. That includes you as well:)

Blush Blush. Thanks, this means a lot. 

We are so sure that come every 1st you must be dying to get hold of fresh issues of your fav mags! So which are the ones that find their way to your bedside table?

Elle Décor, Country Living, Architectural Digest…….the list is endless!

We all know how your home looks so divine all the time & it’s so tastefully done. Plus you keep changing the look every now & then. What are the ten décor accessories in your home that you just can’t dream of living without?

My home does not look divine all the time…remember my two kids:) I am not sure if I can pick ten things. However….the paintings my mom has given me over the years, family heirlooms…..especially the ones from my grandmother, flowers, candles and books feature prominently in my home.

To wrap up, any tips for the readers for an instant know when unexpected guests call up to say hey we’ll be there in exactly ten minutes.

Try and keep a tidy house…….I am constantly striving to de-clutter my house. Flowers, candles and tonnes of warmth will always make your guests feel welcome!

Thank you so much Prachi. This has been wonderful!!

Thanks for agreeing to be a part of Design Talks. We wish you lots of luck & good health! 

I hope all of you had a great time meeting Anu. Would you like to ask Anu any questions? Leave her a comment and she’ll try and answer them soon.

If you are a new reader and or have missed meeting the other talented bloggers we met , tune in here!

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Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Thank you Prachi. I am delighted. Love Purplehomes:-)

Beauty and Creativity Unbridled said...

Oh this one is awesome. I am a new reader in this world of design n decor blogs. I am a follower of your Purplehomes as well as Anu's My Dream Canvas. And what else can be the best way to know so much about Anu, other than this interview. I have seen the pics of Anu's home. Its lovely. My best wishes and love to you and Anu. Anu, hope you have recovered a lot for your neck sprain.
And Prachi, even I love your blog a lot. I have also commented in your "Me" section as anonymous reader. Purple is one of my favourite colors.

Lots of love and best wishes

Shanthi said...

Desighn Talks - Sounds great Prachi!!! Anu it is wonderful to get to know more about you. Get well soon.

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Thank you so much Paromita and Shanthi.

GB said...

This is such a wonderful series--am a big fan of Anu's work, she's a pro at photography and makes everything look so wonderful (with two small kids--not an easy task!) Lovely interview Prachi!

Jenny Cruz said...

Finally, yOur back. I thought I won't be hearing any from you after your last post. And as always, I was delighted by your new tips. Thank you very much. Anyway, just chance my templates with the help of Website design New York. If you have free time, please feel free to visit.

Bhavna said...

Ah! I miss our lunch date! Anu, get back here soon :)

Simran said...

I love Anu's blog... and this is so nice to know more about her. Thanks for sharing Prachi :)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Thanks everyone:-) I am really touched by the woderful comments.

Bhavna..hopefully this year:-)