Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So how are we doing on the list?

Pretty decent I think!

Remember I made a list some months back. A list of a different kind. A list that makes & will make me happy.

Time to do a little check.

"11 things I'd like to do in 2010-11.
  1. Bake a cupcake & ice it. Because I can bake cakes, cheese cakes, muffins, souffl├ęs but have never had the courage to bake & ice a cupcake. Yet to do.
  2. Re-do Sara's room. Because she is a toddler now and her mother needs a reason to redesign & redecorate. We are getting there.
  3. Change all the artwork in the house yet again. Because I want to. Because the last time I made each was five years back and I am bored. Because there will be only 25 frames to be filled and I am completely mad to attempt the same with so much already going on in my life. Working on this too.
  4. Learn the complete lyrics of the song Hope you dance (the song we used in Sara's first year video montage). Because its such a lovely song and I am really bad at remembering lyric. Because I'd like to sing it for Sara. DONE.I uploaded the same on a digital frame we have had for years but never used it. It worked like magic. So now we play it often and Sara knows it too. "Prachi Mom play hope you dan" she tells me.
  5. Get a snap of the three of us (DH, Sara & me) clicked. Because we have the lousiest family snaps in the world. Because its rare that we get the opportunity to click the three of us together its either DH & Sara or Sara & me. DONE. DONE.DONE. Finally we have some snaps which have the three of us and I can't be happier:)
  6. Plan a memorable day for my dad. Because its his 60th birthday and I love him. Because he is the best dad in the world.DONE.Remember I shared this you here when he turned 18 with 42 years of experience :)
  7. Throw a really really CUTE birthday party for Sara. Because she is turning two next year and I want to start spending all my days & nights planning it! DONE. Had so much fun doing it and sharing it with you, here. Someone please help me control the urge to plan her 3rd birthday:) It can wait, right? :)
  8. Complete my collection of Nigella Lawson books. Because I am HUGE fan and love that she only cooks food with 10000 plus calories and there are three that I don't have including her latest release Kitchen. ALMOST DONE.  Requested (forced) my family gift me one & bought Kitchen as soon as it came to India. One left!
  9. Spend an entire night watching our favourite DVDs, munching popcorn & downloading coke into my system (We are talking beyond permissible limits) with DH. Because there was a time when we would watch two movies a night after getting back from work at eight. Because that was our favourite part of the day. Because it was so much fun. Because ever since the little one came into our lives we haven't been able to do this. Ah! This is a tough one to accomplish. Considering that as soon as Sara sleeps we want to sleep too! But there is time till September :) So who knows I may be able to strike this off my list too.
  10. Learn how to maintain indoor plants. Because the only indoor plant I understand is plucking a stem off the money plant in my balcony and putting it in a bottle. Because I love greens inside but they always die as soon I get them in. Many greens have died a sad death at my home. So I am waiting to attack this one once I get my courage back.
  11. Come up with a sweet little tradition for each festival or special day that we will be celebrating in 2010-11. Because now is the time that Sara has started understanding & participating in the things we do around the house and it will be awesome  if she has a particularly sweet-something to look forward to each time we celebrate a particular festival or a special day. Totally enjoying doing this. But the year has just begun so will share some of our "traditions" in the later half of the year".
Not bad right?  4 strikes and 3 WIP. 

How is your report card looking? Have you managed to start working on your Because this makes me happy list? Do share with me & all the lovely readers.

Didn't make one with me in September? So make one right away! I can guarantee it will bring a lot of happiness in your life and also make you value those little things we ought to value & love. 

Happy Love,

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Shanthi said...

Congrats!!!! Way to go Prachi and quite inspiring :-)

Sudha said...

good going the list and the strike outs...way to go!!