Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some Red Some Green

Though I had written in one of my earlier posts how I am not going to go the Red & Green way just because there is too much of it around me. So may be a purple Christmas this time. But guess what, we set up the tree this Monday and all I wanted on it was lots of red & lots of silver. So Red & Silver it is. Couldn't stay away from my current love RED, Ah! Remember I used Red this Diwali too :)

I came across these centerpieces; Some Red. Some Green. And these look so fresh and pretty to me even though they use the done to death red & green color theme. So if you would like to incorporate this Xmassy color theme here are some novel & understated centerpieces for you.

Create a flowervase out of flowers. Swoon!
Glue red flowers of your choice to a clear vase and fill up the vase with evergreens. 

Stack up some gorgeously wrapped boxes on a cake stand. 
Add a BIG Bow and you have a  Christmas tree on your table.

A vintage sled, ornaments & some greens

So which colors have you picked this Christmas?

Image : here


Sharon said...

red and silver sounds grand! have a lovely, blessed xmas prachi!

purplehomes said...

Thanks Sharon!