Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Color Crush : Silver

I think its the festive season that is making me think, dream and love muted silver this month. Whats a festival without some silver & gold I say! My favorite are the two silver icecream bowls I got as a wedding present. Though I can never imagine myself eating out of those I have used them many many times as gorgeous centerpieces with pastel pink roses.

These pictures remind me of those centerpieces.How sweet is that pendent, a lovely gift for someone who loves to click. And that tiny photoframe...drool!

Oh! These silver matkis are to die-for! Glitter displayed like this would look nice on any shelf. Silver & purple...made for each other. Is anyone surprised why its my favorite? 

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Images : 1,2,3,45


GB said...

oooooooooooh i love the second set.

utterly. gorgeous.

Kamini said...

Oh Prachi....lovely stuff! I love silver!

Sudha said...

cool stuff...:)