Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September Fetish!!

Time for some more teacup love! For those of you who have just joined in...I am having a teacup fetish this month. See my earlier post here

A brilliant idea to store show off your trinkets! Bring out those teacups I say!

Ah! Stack them up on your bedside table. Simple & Chic! Don't miss those pretty shells:)

Image: herehere


Rekha said...

Nice idea to show off trinkets..

Patricia Torres said...

*sigh*.. they look so gorgeous.. Im ashamed of my tea cups..

I like the trinkets idea..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images!
Thank you for your comment on Patricia Torres blog.
Kisses from Croatia.
Zondra Art

Anonymous said...
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purplehomes said...

Rekha & Pats : Only if the lil one didn't think those were candies for her in those teacups! I guess trinkets have to wait!

ZA: Welcome to purplehomes. So nice to see you here!

GB said...

Prachi---I adore the idea of trinkets in teacups. But the stack of teacups, that too bedside ---nah, wouldn't work for me at all. Because:
a. I'm a klutz.
b. My hand goes into auto smash-that-bl##dy-alarm-clock mode in the morning. :)

purplehomes said...

GB: ha ha...didn't think of the associated execution issues :)

Puneet Kaur said...

These are prettyyy....... :))
luv them!