Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clutter, Clutter Everywhere!

Sleepless nights is how I would describe the last few nights. Reason: A crazy amount of clutter in the house. 

We have been married for five years and have been parents for more than a year now and the only not-so-nice fallout has been a home bursting to its seams with stuff that 
  • I don't want but has somehow managed to find its way to our home (Read: Gifts we casseroles,multi-colored show pieces, ugly bedspreads, etc. Brand new multiple units of the same toys, brand new electronics & other stuff that we don't require)
  • I like but have not used even once in the last two years (Read: I can't part with them, come on I have emotions attached to I might just need it thirty years later!) 
  • And stuff that has lived its good days, served us well and should leave our home right away ( Read: Old clothes, broken electronics, et al).

And this is when I make it a point to De-clutter every few months. Imagine the situation If I hadn't been doing that all along. So the rest of the month is going to be dedicated to De-cluttering. Donate/Recycle/  Repair/ Dispose is on my big to-do list this month.  

How do you deal with De-cluttering? I am going room to room and picking up stuff I don't need/want in the house and dumping them at a common place. If I can recycle I keep it. Though I have decided to become a little strict this time...If I can't come up with an idea to recycle it immediately then I am not going to keep it.I have millions of things at home because I think I will be restoring them or converting them into lamps, wall art, etc some day :)

I like the idea of asking the household help to pick what she needs, donating the rest to orphanages and selling some stuff that no one seems to find any use of. 

Wish me luck and patience! Share your De-cluttering tips with all of us, right here.

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Aneela Z said...

i think moving houses has been a good trick for me..but even then there are cartons that lie unopened in a garage somewhere...funny why we hold on to them if we have lived without the contents for 5 years!!

Patricia Torres said...

Prachi.. I am a total declutter freek.. I clean and clear... cabinets and junk atleast once in two weeks... I can wake up early.. or not sleep at all.. if I have to clear.. really!! :-)

My hubby think I have compulsive cleaning disorder...

But if your clutter looks as pretty as the picture.. I think you should just leave it..

Laura said...

My friends and I sometimes will hold a swap party - everyone purges and cleans at home, then brings a couple of boxes of books, knick-knacks, fabrics, candles - whatever! - and we all have drinks and cake and sort through each other's piles and take what we want. Then everybody takes their own leftovers home or to charity, or the person who's house we're at will be responsible for taking ALL the leftovers to charity.

It's SO FUN. And it's a great motivation for everyone to de-clutter :)

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Prachi, that 'dump' of clutter looks very interesting. If it's yours, can I help myself?:)

purplehomes said...

Aneela: Yes, i think that does the trick...i have been in this house for the last few years. Well, we hold on to those things..cos we have good intentions of using them some day:)

Pats: Well, my clutter definitely doesn't look anything like in the picture, so I better get rid of it all! psst..I was awake all night to clear up the mess..see new post :)

Laura: What a great idea! So MUCH fun! I called my sis to give me company while I cleared up the mess..we had a lovely time!

Sharon: Ah! how i wish!