Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tabletop Festival at Colours Dekor

I was really happy to get an email from Pats asking me to be a part of the Tabletop festivalThis one is for you Pats!

Here are some pictures I picked for the Tabletop festival at Colours Dekor. I have included some old ones as they remind me of the lovely times I had, the yummy food we ate & the long chats we had.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Drop by some of my old posts on tabletops & tablescapes here, here, here & here

Images : Personal


GB said...

Those are some lovely corners you've got there!!

Rekha said...

Nice pics, prachi..

Kamini said...

Love your tabletops Prachi! The last one especially with the flowers in the pickle jar! Gorgeous!

PreeOccupied said...

Lovely! I am a flowers and candles person and would love to cozy in around one of those tables anytime.

purplehomes said...

Thanks GB & Rekha!

Kamini: Thanks, isn't it so much fun to use unconventional "vases" for flowers!

PreeOccupied: Come over girl! We can light up some candles & browse design blogs together!

Patricia Torres said...

Oh my... Prachi... this is so so gorgeous!! Such beautiful table tops.. Thank you for being a part of my august madness... I'll come for chai anytime... with flowers, candles & pickle jars... :-)