Saturday, August 14, 2010

August Fetish!!

I am back with the August Fetish series. Baskets, baskets & some more baskets!

Alright! I admit it. I HATE doing laundry. But I am hoping baskets like these will make it less painful!So here is some laundry love for all of you...Ah! I don't mind spending an entire evening sorting laundry on this chair. Just look at the adorable basket.

Logs of wood, a warm quilt, a book to read & a HOT cup of coffee! 
Winters when are you coming this way?

This one is calling me to I NEED to sign off and cuddle my little one and play "house-house" under the sheet with her NOW.

But before I sign off, see my earlier post on my basket fetish this august and other Fetish posts here.

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