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Design Talks : Rajee Sood

Don't you at times feel like "who is the person behind the blog that I love to wake upto? What is she like? What are her interests?" I know I often have. So I decided to take the matter into my hands and know my favorite bloggers better.

I am SO excited to introduce a new series called Design Talks where we invite design bloggers to purplehomes and we talk our heart out! I am hoping through this series all of us will finally get to SEE the faces behind the blogs that we so LURVE.

So please join me in welcoming our very first guest, Rajee Sood. I know by the end of the interview you will be craving for more (trust me you will be, she is such a wonderful person and you are going to love what she has to say), so I have convinced her to answer your questions as well. Just leave a comment after the post and Rajee will try and answer them all.

 Rajee, a BIG welcome to purplehomes.

Well, to begin with our readers would love to know the very pretty & immensely talented person behind “Rajee Sood” the blog? Rajee please tell us something about yourself, your family & of course what do you do in life other than coming up with such inspiring posts day after day?

The person behind the blog “Rajee Sood” is a 35 yr. old sardarni (does that explain a lot )…and I come from a hardcore Sikh, army family…confusingly though both my elder brother and I are into creative fields…he into advertising and me into Interiors. I am married to my college sweetheart and am mother to 5 yr old Aimee (my yellow Labrador retriever) and 4 year old Sarah…the brat you sometimes see on the blog. 

I have had just one completely life consuming passion…since childhood…doing up places, bringing in that extra little pizzaz…as a kid it was my own room…and it has grown up to make me what I am today. Though Interior Designing was not…THE…but obvious choice of profession…because it wasn’t much heard of and accepted as a career choice. My dad, the stereotypical Army Colonel…was of course appalled at my choice… thank God for all the technical drawings we were made to do at Design School…it turned my dad into my best supporter.
When I am not blogging you’ll find me sketching some designs…lost in my books…or bundling up my girl and we are off browsing and exploring new markets… new shops. Though I haven’t had much chance to add lot of landscaping and gardening posts…but that is a large part of what I love doing too. Both personally and professionally. I think I would be lost without my plants and gardens…:)
And when it is family time, we are very reclusive people…we’ll probably hit the road, to off beat places…and enjoy our quiet and solitude. It helps me count my blessings and thank God for all I have in my life.

We read on your blog that currently you are on a sabbatical. Are you taking any small projects at present? I know so many readers are just waiting to for you to come back & help them do up their homes.

It’ll be a lie to say that I am not going to take up projects if an interesting one comes my way…but I am lot more laid back and for lack of better words to describe my current status…I’d say sabbatical is more like it…I am being there more for my little girl, just like my mother was there for me when I needed her.
Having my own blog has helped me reach out to far more people…I am at times putting in as much and if not more time, effort and research into each post as I would behind different aspects of projects…just that I am enjoying this finer side of designing… learning and developing at a pace comfortable for me and my family.

The pictures on your blog are SO beautiful & gorgeous. Any tips for the aspiring stylists & photographers?

I don’t know if I am that old enough to be handing down tips…but if you ask me how I go about it…I’d say… I do loads of homework…I need to think over what I have in mind and it is important that one has that power to visualize one’s thoughts. Sample and collect your material…but be flexible…to change and play around. Then follows the step to put all your things together …here it is very easy to get carried away and create a hodgepodge … trying to fit in every thing… it takes great restraint to stay focused on the look you are trying to create.…also what helps me a lot is taking some initial pictures … pictures tell you best what you may be missing out other wise. And if you still think that…that one piece is sooo … beautiful you have to fit in somewhere…restrain…take a deep breath…put it away…you’ll have other opportunities …:)

We know your love for antiques & flowers & candles. What a lovely combination! What else inspires you?

Stones…I just love…love…love the feel of stones…especially the rough…textured ones… the architectural element they bring to a space…gives me a high.I also can’t deny my passion for textiles…I need no excuse to buy yards and yards of fabric. However minimalist or grandiose a project the textiles you use are a very major element. And I am crazy about lamps…oh dear!…Prachi I can go on and on… :)

There are so many wonderful design blogs around us. We’d like to know the ones you heart. Indian & International both please.

I really love…An Indian Summer… I have no idea how Bhavna hunts for all those amazing pictures.Its fun to read her witty narration.Browsing her blog is an absolute mood up lifter …:). Some other awesome blogs that I enjoy are …Velvet and linen…Pure style Interiors …Absolutely Beautiful Things…BlomsterverkstadStyling by Coty FarquharBelgian Pearls… and ofcourse, this new blog I discovered Lenkin Design’s Gardening Fantasies…I also love to go and check out  Mon Unique…Patricia Grey, Interior Design Blog…Most of them are written by such talented women… their originality and creativity is infectious.

We are so sure that come every 1st you must be dying to get hold of fresh issues of your fav mags! So which are the ones that find their way to your bedside table?

Honestly, I don’t have enough hours of the day to reach for a magazine…but if you catch me reading one…it’ll either be the Architectural Digest or Veranda…yep ! at a news stand I do infact find myself looking for just these two…and if I don’t…it is a bit of a Aah!  Moment…:)
And may be on second thoughts I do have a peek a boo at Elle Décor and Vogue India…:)

We all know how your home looks so divine all the time & it’s so tastefully done. What are the ten décor accessories in your home that you just can’t dream of living without?

the candles
the different containers I use for my flowers …
my mirrors
the frames I love collecting
my books… 
I love my accent chairs (sadly they are in dire need of reupholster)
my coffee table
my trays (very multifunctional)
I love collecting textiles…I like to have yards and yards of them and I do keep using them in different ways…I can’t imagine a lot of moods I try to create, without these textiles.
And lastly… because you say only 10… my plants…there is no me if I can’t grow plants… J (infact back at design school my professors and friends would all joke about how I couldn’t dream of a project without first getting the plants in…

To wrap up, any tips for the readers for an instant know when unexpected guests call up to say hey we’ll be there in exactly ten minutes. We know they will definitely want to know this from you!

If it’s about guests, its best to do things you would also be comfortable having and living with…best to be natural…and yourself…now having said that…get off that couch… if its evening time…plum up those cushions…dim those lights…light a few candles…and nothing pulls all of this together like some soft music in the background. If you still got some time…and a few handy flowers…lovely to have them around…a lot of times just plain green leaves and stems are quite a style statement…‘this is just me’… kind of statement … ;)

If we are taking about a day time…instant makeover … most of the same things work fine … may be instead of the candles…you can pop in a batch of cupcakes or a cake to bake… nothing says I love to have you over than the fragrance of something baking in the house. And those cushions…the plumier the more welcome your guest will feel…tidy up the coffee table…you will feel instant ‘I am in full control here’…kind of feeling …:)

Wow! those are really wonderful tips! Thank you so much for coming over. I wish you all the very best for all your personal & professional projects.

I hope you enjoyed "hearing" what Rajee had to say. Don't forget to say hi to her & ofcourse you want to know something else about this lovely lady leave her a comment here.

Images : Rajee Sood


Rekha said...

That's a cool idea Prachi, loved reading about Rajee. I am a fan of her pictures too.

Rajee Sood said...

Thankyou Prachi ... Hmmmm!mmmm ... phew! lost for words ... :)... though have to say it is a great idea ... you have me excited about who is lined up next ... :)

aparna said...

Lovely idea Prachi; I look forward to learn more about other super talented people behind such interesting blogs.
It was interesting to know Rajee more.I am a big fan of her blog! Keep up the good work.Look forward to your post on Pots n plants!

Patricia Torres said...

Prachi... Well done again!! I did think this was an awesome idea... and now seeing it materialize... is just fantastic...

I've been a great fan and follower of Rajee... her work is simply awesome.. Its great to know Rajee... You can tell she is such a professional.. and design & decor probably runs in her blood... Awesome to meet & know such a talented person...

Thank you Rajee.... and Prachi!!! :-)

(I will email my questions to Rajee later.. *wink*)

bennita said...

Wonderful to hear Rajee's thoughts and opinion on both designing and life.....Would like to add that her taste and sense of style is impeccable and at the same time she is a warm and lovely person....She deserves all the accolades coming her way!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

How cool, way to go Prachi and Rajee, wonderful ideas and a great read!!

Kamini said...

Hi new to your blog, came here via Rajee Sood! Will be stopping by often. What a neat idea to get to know the person behind the blog...makes the blog that much more fun to read! Awesome!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Absolutely brilliant idea..and post! Rajee - I got here from your blog, and you gave an absolutely fantastic interview.

Prachi - what an exciting start to your series!

I have long been a fan of Rajee's magical design touch, her beautiful home, pics and the lovely ways she brings flowers and candles together!
My only grouse - I wish she would do more that's my question to Rajee, will you?:) I really do want to see more posts - cos everytime you do a post, there's a beeline to read them!:)

It's lovely that you are keen to spend time with your little girl - that's a wonderful thing to do...and li'l girls..sigh...they grow too soon!

purplehomes said...

Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed it! Watch out for another amazing blogger interview on monday!

Rajee: Thanks for being a part of this series. It was so much fun knowing you

Kamini: Welcome to purplehomes! keep dropping in :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this interview with Rajee Sood. I have been following her blog for a while now, and it was nice to know more about her...


TIP Homes said...

Looks like I missed out a few of these talks :( Loved reading this one too :) and Rajee is sooooo talented !!


purplehomes said...

Adarsh: Glad you liked going through it. Hope to see you here often:)

Rekha: Welcome to purplehomes.Keep coming by to read more of these!

Anonymous said...

Very good stuff..

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.