Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Color Crush : Orange

I know its officially the season of mangoes but I feel like oranges. So orange it is!

How can one not fall for this tangerine cake and did see you that pretty orange bow? And how cute is that orange-bicycle! Wish someone served me food like this! And now one bicycle for the road!

I am really loving the contrast in this collage. The warm wall,the busy orange-fuchsia pattern and that lovely paper garland in the stark white bathroom. Hmm...I have a feeling my DIY list just had another addition!

If only I could lay my "hands" on that jar of orange ice tea! Ofcourse the couch would be a great place to gulp it down!

Here's to a refreshing month ahead. I have lots of projects both professional & personal to finish. Wish me luck! And watch out this space for something really exciting!

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Patricia Torres said...

thats me.... thats me!! I'm totally an orange person...

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

If u visit my home - u will see orange everywhere...:) looooove the color....and didn't know I loved it till I started doing up my home!

purplehomes said...

Pats: Yes! who can forget your orange wall:)

Sharon: I guess doing up the home always throws such interesting stuff about oneself that you never knew about you had it in you!