Monday, August 16, 2010

Design Talks : Patricia

Hello, I am back with Design talks series. It was so much fun knowing Rajee (if you missed our conversation with her, click here) and today we are here with our second guest.

But before we get to know her better, I’d like to thank each one of you for the lovely emails and messages on facebook on the Design talks series. I am SO glad you are enjoying it. Now let’s get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee and get to know our second guest.

She is known as Patty to some and others lovingly address her as Pats. Pats please tell us something about yourself, your family & of course what is your day job like?

Hello all!! Well me in a nutshell…I’ve been a decor enthusiast all my life, but I love colours, creativity, DIY, you name it…. My family is me, my hubby and my 2 little girls – collectively, the 3 apples of my eyes! I work in the Finance industry – yes, Finance and décor is a weird combination, but I thoroughly enjoy it!

Whoa! Now this is something that not many readers & many of your blog followers might have imagined. And what is really interesting about your blog is that you include so many snippets and colors from your life? All this with a hectic job, two kids…wait I am not forgetting the hubs! How do you manage to create so many beautiful moments at home…be it for a special occasion or just like that? And most importantly even capture the magic for us.

The essence of my life is making my home look clean & beautiful. Just about everyday I have to see something pretty about my home… Nearly every weekend, I have to add something new. This doesn’t necessarily mean I have to buy something new… but simply change something…e.g. If I have a vase with flowers on the dining table one week, I’ll have candles the next week… I’ll change cushion colours from red to blue… I wake up every morning, thinking of new ideas to make my surroundings beautiful. Photography is my new found love; hence just about everything gets captured on camera…

We know you are in the process of doing up your new home. Yes, we are all waiting for the pics! Any “doing up a new home” learnings that you’d like to share with us.

‘Doing up a new home’ learning! That’s a good thought, will try and do something on those lines in my coming posts. Or probably will write a book… Each idea is always new to me, so I’m still learning, experimenting and finding joy in the little things. So once I’m completely done with my new home, I’ll surely put up something on that – perhaps a guideline on how to go about making your house a home.

Lovely, we will all be waiting for it! Pats, what are your other interests? We know photography is one of them. And we love your work!

I have a day job only to support my travels… I love to travel to different destinations – understand people & culture. And occasionally thriving for a romantic getaway. I love spending time with family … and creating occasions to celebrate. I love to draw & paint, but 24 hours just isn’t enough for me…

Pats, what inspires you? What sets your heart fluttering?

Colors inspire me!! My relationships with my husband, parents, brothers, kids, friends – everything inspires me. The miracle of ‘everyday’ inspires me!! I generally see the positive in things…so the good in the world inspires me! And what sets my heart a flutter? :) Let’s leave that for my next Valentine post!

Yup! Let’s leave it that then! And for now let’s talk about the many-many wonderful design blogs around us. We’d like to know the ones you heart.

Oh no…I can’t name a few… that simply isn’t possible!! There are sooooooooooooooooo many that I heart… I love and admire blogs that showcase talent & original ideas and am impressed with DIYs and craft work, be it something small or big…I am amazed by the talent out there…be it painting, design, décor, craft… It’s just impressive!!

Are you a magazine person? Do any of them find their way to your bedside table?

You’ll be amazed that my bedside table doesn’t really have a magazine on it… I normally have an inspiring book on my bedside table…. But the magazines that find a way into my home are Inside Out & Emirates Home (they are Dubai based magazines). Another one I simply love is BBC Good Homes.

Okay, so you are not a magazine person. But we know you are definitely an accessories girl! What are the ten décor accessories in your home that you just can’t dream of living without?

Good question! That would be candles, lanterns, plants, cushions, urlis, differently themed tablecloths and table décor, Hannah Montana stuff (2 daughters you see), pretty glasses for all the crazy drinks we make over weekends and pretty plates as well!

To wrap up, any tips for the readers for an instant know when unexpected guests call up to say hey we’ll be there in exactly ten minutes.

Instant make over… another great question!
  1. An instant make over would require a clutter free home… so put everything not required in a closet somewhere… Magazines, Newspapers go in their racks…
  2. For me, it’s most important to have clear Kitchen counter tops…
  3. A duster and a wet cloth. Dust and wipe all your table tops, it’s the very least that can be done at such last minute notice.
  4. Get a nice big laundry hamper. Not everyone has the luxury of a 3 bathroom apartment, so a big hamper will get rid of laundry clothes in minutes!
  5. Always keep a few pretty candles in an easy-to-reach place. Whip them out, light them, voila.
  6. It also helps to have incense sticks in previously mentioned easy-to-reach place. A lovely smelling home is a joy to enter.
  7. Throw a fancy, colorful, pretty dupatta on your dining table…That’s your new table runner.
  8. Bring out a few nice glasses, even if it’s just juice you’ll be serving, it’s nice to keep things pretty!
  9. Top it all off by hiding the TV remote control and putting on a favorite CD. There’s nothing like a good conversation to spend the evening with friends!
  10. Don’t forget to check the guest toilets… make sure there is a toilet roll, hand towels… a few candles, incense & bamboos to give that extra touch…
  11. Pour yourself hot cup of coffee or tea and wait for you guests to arrive.
Wow! Now that’s what I call an “instant makeover ready reckoner”! Pats thanks for coming over to purplehomes. I had such a lovely time with you. It was REALLY nice knowing the amazing person behind my very favorite blog. Wishing you tons & tons of home makeovers, DIY projects & weekend drinks with candles!

And all you lovely readers, if you have questions for Pats just leave them in the comments section and she will try & answer them for us. I hope you had fun knowing her!

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Sharon said...

Thanks Prachi...this was such a lovely interview. Pats, loved reading it! I loved your instant makeover tips too:)...especially the bamboo in the bathroom......and a dupatta over the table!

My Dream Canvas said...

What a fabulous interview!! Love it :-)

My Dream Canvas said...

What a fabulous interview!! Love it :-)

MindfulMeanderer said...

love it patty! Finance !!! who could have imagined??? :)
Love the quick makeover tips.

Mary @ RoomPolish said...

what a lovely interview! Thanks for sharing : ) And excited to have a new blog to check in on!!

GB said...

Lovely post patty and prachi!! :)

Geeta said...

Design Talks - what a novel idea !!! Hoping to get to know more designers in this space.

Patty - Indeed, re-creating homes when you move (globally/locally) is such a common thing now and is definitely book-material.

Unknown said...

Hey Everyone! Glad you loved going through it!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

lovely one prachi.great going.Nice to know more about every one.

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...
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The Interior perspective said...

Pat is perhaps the most vivacious person on the Indian blogosphere---she brings in so much energy into this space. Love her blog !!