Friday, August 20, 2010

August Fetish!!!

Since we are drooling over baskets this month. I thought you might want to swoon over some of these lovely pieces and some simply awesome ideas.

Now show me a girl who doesn't like flowers. 
Especially when they come in this huge aqua basket and a navy ribbon.

LOVED this idea. There cannot be any better way than this to welcome guests!

Ah! A crate or a basket? Neat idea for sunny picnics.

I am SO going to do this one. My kitchen is WANTING this NOW

Bye bye Bedside tables-Hello Bedside baskets. Smart...huh?

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Image: flowers, door, tarts, bedside & lamp


GB said...

Love the one on the door, and I've had the egg basket lamp bookmarked for a loong tome now!! :)
Lovely post!

GB said...


Thank you so much for voting for my room! I really appreciate your support.


purplehomes said...

GB: the pleasure is completely mine...lots of luck!