Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This made me laugh!

I came across this after I posted the Color Crush for the month yesterday. It was WHITE remember. This one made me laugh out loud! Do you feel the same about white crayons...Why are they here & what do they want from us? Hmm...something to think about!

Image: here


Aneela Z said...

kabhi kabhi nahee bhee colour karney ka dil chahta hai (there are times when we arent pushed to colour...sadly it doesnt sound as good translated , eh)

HimalayanSpirit said...

Hi Archana,
Very sweet thought on the purpose of 'white' my opinion white sits comfortably in the box of crayons for it's subtle qualities of toning down the brightness of Red to pink, or shading in waves in the ocean blue, or even filling in facial color along with brown or peachy pink. It's a lovely pure shade and always proves useful in emergencies :)

Patricia Torres said...

ha ha ha... so true!

The Ketchup Girl said...

hilarious :). i'll ask my kid today and see what she might have to say!

purplehomes said...

Aneela : Well said...sometimes you need to be away from them too!

HS : Welcome to purplehomes. Beautiful you are right...where will we get our pinks & pales!

p.s. I am prachi :)

Pats : whoever thought of this has such a good sense of humour.

TKG: Please do & let all of us know..sometimes kids come up with stuff that we adults couldn't hv even imagined

Shivani Negi said...

Hi prachi,
You have maintained a lovely blog. Especially each post comes out to be so interesting. Just loved it....well i have also just entered the blog world do visit..

purplehomes said...

Hey Shivani! Thanks...hope to see me of you here...n welcome to the world of blogging.