Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Color Crush : White

All things bright & white. Yes white is what I am adoring these days.

Ah! Someday I wish to organize my wardrobe like this. Color Coordinated! I like that pop of pink against the white sheers. Those pretty white babies...lovely..I want them on my desk.

Honey bee! Honey bee..don't forget to visit my garden.That vintage white camera..I just lost my heart to it. Buttons..tons of them...creamy!

What wouldn't I do to be where she is..ofcourse I want to wear a white dress too! I am into my "dresses n flipflop" phase right now:)

Images : Wardrobe, Curtain, Tiny flowers, Flower, Buttons, Camera & Girl



Rekha said...

White is my all time fav, but when it comes to walls, i get bored...I prefer colors these days.

purplehomes said...

Rekha : Wow..you have such courage! I am alays so scared when it comes to painting walls! Inspire me please!