Monday, July 19, 2010

July Fetish!!

My affair with typewriters continues. What I am particularly liking about these two pictures that they are a lovely mix of typewriters & so many great DIY ideas. Come along...I will show you.

Okay first things first. How cute is this red Typewriter. I am usually a pastel girl. But this I like too much! And are your eyes also seeing what mine are seeing? An awesome piece of typographic art. And alphabet cards that can be easily printed at home or just use old ones of your children. That way every morning you can have a new word to look up to.

Why I chose this picture was because of the contrast between the solid, plain black typewriter & the soft patterned, pastel chest. Do you like it as well? Such a great idea to get a smaller one made for your table and use all those tiny bits of leftover paper. I am quite a sucker for things that help me organize. You know that by now I am sure! Isn't that butterfly pretty?

Images: here & here


Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

These images are gorgeous! Hope you have recovered from the the maid back, all chaste and married now?:)

Patricia Torres said...

The red one is super cute.. so is the black one.. simply love that butterfly.. :-)

Anonymous said...

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purplehomes said...

Sharon: Oh only if life was as perfect as these pics! No maid :( I am standing in for her! Flu gone!

Pats: Do I see you getting one as well?

TA: Thanks!