Monday, June 21, 2010

June Fetish!!

Back with some more warm light!

This table vignette is so perfect! Those bead necklaces hanging up there, the lovely ceramic bowls, lots of pretty bottles on the tray, a lovely frame and that big dispenser bottle. All echoing blue. What more can one need you say! Two pretty lanterns on either side I say! 

This is such a lovely outdoor spot. I'd love to be able to create one like this. The wooden bench,the hay, those lovely cushions & the many many gorgeous lanterns are making my heart go flutter flutter. I can see myself here many times in winters.Warm & Rustic.

Images : Table & Outdoor


Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

beautiful, simply beautiful!

Rekha said...

love the lamps in the 2nd pic, looks so cozy with the sofa and haystack

purplehomes said...

Sharon & Rekha : Ah! now to get some time to just lie down there!

Anonymous said...

Loved the lantern picture!

purplehomes said...

OUATT : Like i said is not enough!