Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Fetish!

The lantern tutorial on the first day of the Go Green Series (see here) made me fall in love with lanterns this month. Infact I have this pretty lantern I was gifted by a friend when I moved from Bangalore  5 years back. It was a farewell gift. Time does fly..huh! I have been thinking of repainting it in a really bright color. Hmm...I have a feeling the June Fetish posts will help me get there...soon.

I love how the jar has been used here as well. The bright orange of the candle, the warm yellow glow & the engraved text of the jar.

I am liking all the purple pops here, the rug, the stole, those gorgeous shoes & ofcourse the pretty lantern. These look so awesome against all the white & the wood. Don't they?

Images : herehere


GB said...

I like the rug!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Love the lantern in the last pic...I have two identical ones in my new place - one painted an old fashioned blue, and the other a pink:)...still figuring out where to display them...they look gorgeous anywhere, tho!

purplehomes said...

GB : ya so pretty!

Sharon: Wow, do post pics when you finally decide to display them.

Anonymous said...

Just realized that your whole month has been dedicated to lanterns. I might have to post a 'love that lantern' comment for every picture!

Neha Ramabhadran said...

I love all the purple!! well.. maybe the shoes not so much.. but rest everything just works so perfectly.. :)

purplehomes said...

OUATT: yup! lanterns do that to u..don't they? can't help but dedicate an entire month to them...i have a fetish every month n this is a part of that series...glad u enjoyed it

Neha: Welcome to purplehomes. any surprises why the pic is a fav...seems like a lil birdie called purple has got something to do with it!